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The handrail from a stainless steel of

of the Protection which is often called by a handrail consists of hand-rail and racks (rail-posts) ensuring convenience and safety of our movements on a ladder. So serious problem of a ladder protection as safety, has different constructive providing. The most traditional option - - frequent, at distance of 12 - 14 cm from each other, an arrangement of rail-posts of different diameter which can be both wooden, and metal.

More modern option of a handrail - - metal racks with strings so-called horizontal prokida or crossbars. Prokida, as a rule, have smaller, than racks, diameter, settle down parallel to a hand-rail and their quantity is limited to the imagination of the customer. Such protection visually easier and transparent. However if to speak about transparency of a protection in literal sense, then it must be kept in mind that there is also a glass filling of ladder protections. The glass cloth fixed between racks can be a different format (red-hot or triplex). Toning and electric illumination in various colors gives the chance most harmoniously to enter design of a ladder in a house interior. Also filling of a protection can have the non-standard forms and be made of metal, plexiglas, polycarbonate etc.

Besides a tree in a construction of ladder protections apply different metals among which - - brass - - the most expensive material. Make of it both racks, and hand-rail, and the most difficult configuration. Usually brass protections happen the assembly, i.e. collected from separate elements and fastened nuts and self-tapping screws. In this case they do not maintain big physical activity. Behind brass special leaving is required.

To aluminum corrosion is not terrible, besides it is plastic, light in installation. However there is something what aluminum concedes to steel in - - strength characteristics. Therefore it is applied to the device of ladders in rooms with the sparing service conditions. Besides as well as protections from brass, an aluminum handrail - - the national teams.

Shod protections surpass analogs in decorative effect and, of course, at the price. The buyer is offered to choose to the taste hand-rail and its decorative terminations, rail-posts with various inserts, racks with flanges, etc. Such standard elements gather, cook, mounted on object, become covered by protective structure - and the ladder protection is ready. Standard elements are so diverse that allow to create unique combinations on any most refined taste.

The black steel used for ladder protections, as a rule, has a powder covering or is painted manually and therefore hand-rail and racks from it can be the most different flowers and shades. At operation application of various primers gives big durability. The undoubted advantage of black steel, besides durability, is its price advantage before other materials.

Big resistance to changes of external environment is shown by the stainless steel (polished, polished or opaque), organic in interiors of different stylistics, universal for combinations with many materials. The stainless steel is good for protections with glass filling. It is not less pertinent and on a wooden ladder. Such combination is rather widespread in a ladder protection: a rack from stainless steel and a wooden hand-rail. However, a handrail from a stainless steel where both racks and a hand-rail steel is not less popular. The polished stainless steel amazing with amazing wear resistance is in special demand. Its today`s popularity is caused by a practicality and a modern esthetics. Polished steel gives refinement to the most stylish situation.

The stainless steel in spiral staircases is irreplaceable. At design of a spiral staircase the hand-rail repeats a configuration of a ladder and has the most difficult spiral geometry. Try such to reproduce in a tree - - business this extremely difficult. In such cases address to well bending brass and steel. But brass - - rather expensive pleasure. And here a stainless steel - - just right!