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How you are influenced BY YOUR ENVIRONMENT?!

of Pay the closest attention to own environment!

our life is caused by our environment. Look at animals. Their form, coloring, habits are caused by an environment in which they live. And our behavior, is caused by our environment. Tell me who your friend, and I will tell who you are. Count how many 10 people surrounding you with which you most of all communicate and earn you will see that your income, is close to their average income.

You remember the Russian national proverbs?

With wolves to live, on - wolf to howl.

Like father like son.

As for an environment, the so-called reference point exists. That is those parameters which you cannot influence. For example: parents, place of residence, language, education, profession and so on. That is - all that at you appeared still. Your past which you cannot affect now.

But, already one the fact that you read this nonsense, says that you were incredibly lucky!


You managed to be born on this light. By the way, on your place at least 100 000 applicants marked still! Being a small spermatozoon, you could win race on a survival and impregnate an ovum. Lucky! The rest 99 999 - was lucky less you are able to read

in Russian. According to official figures in only one China about one billion people, cannot read in Russian.

All of you still see. To your data - more than 2 million people on the earth consider existence of two eyes as unattainable luxury.

you (most likely) have two hands, two legs, and Something located between ears which is able to think!

By the way, not everything it is so abruptly lucky.

To continue?

I think and it is so clear that you the favourite and the minion of fortune! But how to define what environment at you at present? Simply: Ask yourself the Question:


What role played your immediate environment yesterday in order that you Sat completely Today where you Sit?
to Help

with memoirs?

your dear parents since the childhood hammered
to you into the head:

- Study better and you will have a chance to get good Job. And then you will have good Zryaplata. (In sense - you will stick to pension as the Black on plantations, and you will sell the life for kopeks )

Or you followed advice of the school teachers:

Stupid person! Your place in collective farm! With your brains only to Cows to twist tails! (They still sincerely consider that the cosine tangent increased by an arcsine cotangent influences the bank account ) Or you solved

all the class: One for all, and all for one and all at once entered one institute (on biolukhotupologichesky faculty).

There is no sense to call into question human qualities and values of those who surround you. You can continue to love and appreciate them that you have them, but here only to listen and follow their advice concerning Business, and especially Network Business is a suicide, unless they already achieved something in Network Marketing.

You are inevitably subject to influence of your environment as each of people since the childhood uses the same method of training - imitation.

If you surround yourself with the whiners who are constantly complaining of life, then you also will become such. Improve the environment rich, spiritual people. Our life for 90% is caused by examples which we see.

Create own environment!
you can take

in business of the person with desire to succeed in life, and within 2 - 3 months to put it on legs.

Gratuitous Council (it is not obligatory to follow it):

From now on, you consciously choose and create the environment, without listening to those who pull down and seek to steal your dream, and communicate with those at whom it is possible to learn something.

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