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The doctrine - light or How great civilizations perish?

Are such children`s game when it is necessary to connect two very far concepts by means of logical reasonings. For example, to explain how car speed depends on quantity of holes in cheese on sandwich at the driver. And so: the subject of today`s article has nothing in common with this children`s game. And we will have quite serious conversation. Also do not think that it is exclusively theoretical reasonings. At the end of this article you are waited by very practical offer capable to affect your own life.

The supervision connecting both concepts designated in article heading belongs, unfortunately, not to her author. The person who drew such conclusion was very observant, very educated, traveled all over the world much, knew much, investigated and developed. This is the outstanding person, and many know him, many use his developments, but also there is a most part of the people still not familiar with it. However, today it would be desirable to touch upon only one subject - education.

Whether concerned you sometime a question of how to get a good education? Why education is necessary? What to train children in? Whether narrow specialization is necessary? Whether there is a sense from scientists, or we need only practicians?

Whether it was sometime a pity for you or annoyingly that the mankind cannot understand how the Egyptian pyramids were under construction, for example? We live on the same Earth on which they were constructed. We, more modern and more civilized society, than those people who did not know computers and cars, cannot understand how ours managed to uneducated ancestors to erect such constructions! However, if they could, and we could not, then which of us the barbarian? Which of us is more educated? Obviously - the one who knows and is able.

But how it can be?! We speak about progress, but decline, and it - something absolutely opposite is obvious to progress. What`s the reason? How to stop it?

We will return to that observant scientist and the researcher mentioned in the beginning of this article. He pays our attention that once long ago there were many different, very different civilizations, each of which had an own knowledge and ability of how to do something. Something absolutely special anybody did not have that more, nor in one other civilization. What sometimes got into other civilizations, and at times and perished with the last Master.

Caesar (that, known to all of us according to textbooks of history) mentions the wattled chariots going to attack through the Ashdaunsky wood. Celtic wattled chariots. Where now this civilization, where and how it disappeared? Why there is no mention of its capture and destruction in the history of fights and battles?

It seems logical to assume that great win whereas weak are given and are won. That the science and knowledge always wins against darkness of ignorance. Unfortunately, history indicates the opposite. But not history of battles, but history of peaceful life. The Indian civilization, the Chinese civilization - what became with them?

It is possible not to go so far. Whether you know what at the beginning of aircraft, in rather absolutely recent past, existed the whole thirteen ways of deduction of aircraft in air? Whether you at least can call two, except known covered also the propeller now? And whether you know that the rigid wing was one of the least effective ways of a raising of the device in air? The aircraft which is heavier than air. Balloons and airships it is not counted. How, for example, about the principle of the rotating core? You heard something about it?

What has happened? the Technology was lost. Every time when the civilization lost the knowledge or handed over positions, you can find technology which she owned or which found, but which was lost later. How to keep technology?

Training Only training in

new generations it is possible to tell them what promoted a survival of the whole people. And if people were not able or did not want to study, they were waited by fast and slow, but disgraceful death, degeneration, loss of force and influence. As the person about whom there was a speech in the beginning of this article, " spoke; Civilizations are inclined to develop to a certain peak, and then, in burdens of battles and under the influence of various factors, they begin to lose the technology. They lose the technology just because nobody studies it .

However, what`s the use to be distressed about what any more not to return, and about those who are not present with us any more? Than to be distressed about losses of the past, let`s think of the future. About the personal future. About what benefit education and training bears personally to you.

Let this question seems selfish, however, if to reflect, that such society, the country, a civilization what they consist of? Obviously - from certain citizens, from us. If the citizen prospers and succeeds, helps to prosper and succeed to those groups which member he is (it concerns a family, a profession, even a hobby) - the same will be also with society.

To sort a detailed society organization and all interrelations in it is not the purpose of this article. Let`s concern only education.

In the course of training different sciences and abilities are transferred. Ability to dance and drive the car, to float and consider, to build bridges and to kill harmful microbes, both is a lot more and much everything. Training, therefore, is vital. But practical training applicable at practice. What`s the use to issue to a raid the recipe of preparation of Christmas cookies or the most successful formula of stock trade at the exchange if none of listeners and even itself saying it can use them so that to receive though how many - nibud satisfactory result?

The result depends on application of technology. The technology which is contained as in the description (how to prepare how to trade and so on), and in the way of transfer of knowledge. There has to be a technology of training. Not learning or storing of texts, but technology of training in application of knowledge.

How to learn something to be able to use it in practice? That person who was more than once mentioned in this text completely restored

and described this lost technology - technology of training. Technology of how to learn something how not to lose and impart knowledge. His name - L. Ron Hubbard.

The technology of training developed by it allows any person to study anything, and to make it without excessive efforts and with the guaranteed result. Any person can study this technology, it is available even to school students. Having learned how to acquire knowledge, you can become not just educated person. You will be able to distinguish the valid knowledge from mere words. You will be able to become more successful. You will be able to achieve in life of what want.

Learn to study and achieve any dream!