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How it is correct to look after hair?

the Leading expert in the field of alternative medicine with a vast experience of application of herbs, the member The British medical association on treatment by herbs and corresponding member British holistichesky medical association Kitty Campion gained wide recognition as the author of books and the head of the medical center. We present to your attention a fragment from Kitty Campion`s Books on cosmetics on herbs one of books which brought to the author wide popularity and proved efficiency of many alternative medicines.

1. Choose a hairbrush like an infrequent crest that dry hair easily combed hair. Teeths of hairbrushes from natural materials too soft to stimulate head skin, often get confused in hair and damage them. The hairbrush having a soft, rubber basis which is easy for washing with a nylon brush, with freely located teeths having the rounded-off ends will be ideally suited.

2. Aluminum hairbrushes with wide teeths can be applied, only if hair saved up a lot of statistical electricity. They will help to remove it.

3. Effective blood supply of head skin can be reached by its daily massage by finger-tips. Begin with the basis of a neck and continue massage in the direction of a forehead by rather narrow roundabouts.

4. Always protect hair from sunshine and salty wind (you wear a hat or a scarf). Chlorine promotes removal of iodine from an organism therefore put on a hat, swimming in the pool. If you swim in the sea without hat, coming to the coast, do not forget to rinse hair. In a case when it is not possible to make it, dry up them a towel and put on a scarf.

5. Wash the head with soft shampoo regularly and always rinse with the acidified vegetable means or the conditioner. Many apply too much shampoo. One or two teaspoons of shampoo usually happen enough, and I usually part this quantity in a quarter of a cup of water. Rinse

, rinse and rinse hair after shampoo. It is that criterion by which I determine, this beauty shop is how good. Many of them do not pay due attention to this important stage. Contrary to the general opinion, it is undesirable to use shampoo which indicator of pH settles down in the lower part of a scale, it is possible to perekislit hair.

6. Never apply hot drying to hair with a cap and if you

use a hairdrier, you keep it at arm`s length 10 cm from the head, constantly changing its situation. Do not apply electrohair curlers or electric nippers.

7. Never you sleep in hair curlers. Hair are injured, head skin is injured, and you will not be able to sleep.

8. Do not apply hair curlers with metal teeth. Use plastic or rubber and preserve them in the same purity, as well as a hairbrush and a hairbrush.

9. Apply the hoops covered with plastic, but not rubber. But it is even better if you use fabric ribbons, combs or something similar that is in the market.

10. I recommend not to do a permanent wave though I know that my council is unreal. Therefore I recommend to you not to experiment at least with a permanent wave in house conditions. Address the good hairdresser.

11. You do not carry out by a hairbrush on hair in the direction, opposite to the head.

12. Broth of a soap root represents natural shampoo - excellent and gentle. Dymyanka and alty are useful, but are insufficiently effective. After their application rinse hair with vegetable means.

Be beautiful!