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Article to the " test; What your success is directed to? “

the Fragment from N. I. Kozlov`s book “ Formula of the personality “.

Parasite and Figure: your choice?

Who will bring you your success? Who is responsible for that your success always accompanied you on life? There are two essentially different ways to make success: the first - to create the success most, to achieve it by the efforts, the second - to expect it as a gift from the world, or that realistichny, to receive for someone else`s account. The choice between these ways - your main choice, your pain or your greatest vital luck. This choice is seldom made by the conscious decision from the head, it is more often is the fundamental, existential choice penetrating the person through, ringing through all his affairs and acts, building all his other elections and decisions.

This choice is made by each person in the first weeks of the life. There is a situation, simple very much: the child in a bed lies, it is boring for him. What to do? It is possible to begin to knock handles on rattles which hang over it, it is possible just to wind handles and legs, and it is possible even to try to turn over on other side and to creep where it is visible forward: it is difficult, but it is very interesting.

So the Figure was defined in the choice .

And it is possible to do nothing it, to continue to lie and miss. But not simply, and to begin to cry to the world: then there are Big Wizards, and they knock on rattles. And if to begin to shout in crying more loudly and more exactingly, then it is possible to appear also on hands and to shake itself to a sweet dream, that is somehow long.

So the Parasite was born .

This choice is made by each child, makes it in himself and if he made the choice, then for the rest of the life it only strengthens itself(himself) in it, trains himself to live in this choice in the best way. If it has a choice of the Figure, it is hour after an hour and day after day teaches itself(himself) to activity and responsibility if it has a choice of the Parasite, then year after year he trains himself as Parasite magnificent: teaches himself to do the unfortunate muzzles, tired shoulders offended intonations and other jewelry of unfairly struck Victim.

Question: why the author so rigidly divides people into Figures and Parasites, itself wrote recently that in everyone there is everything? Perhaps it is better in protsentika, for example: today I for 67% a parasite, and - the figure and therefore two thirds of time have the right to lie on a sofa to 33%?

Answer: rigid division can be and not absolutely true, but WORKS . If you thought of the life, about its maximum - means, precisely worked …

the Parasite can well settle in life, once to be both cheerful, and creative, and the lovely person, but it is the person who lives success others and in life chooses irresponsibility. The figure builds the life itself, looks for business which will make itself, and knows that both for the victories, and only he is responsible for the defeats. At the same time the person - the figure does not object once at all to use foreign help (“ Everything that it is useful for business, is pleasant to us! “) but even he will organize this help itself rather, than it will expect and be cried drearily at its absence.

So who is responsible for your success?

the Orientation of your life

So, it is possible to build the life and the success at own expense, it is possible - to look for an opportunity to make it at the expense of people around. But the second, perhaps even more important, the question defining philosophy of life of each person:

Where what your success is directed to?

For the sake of what for the sake of whom you live?

Really question: and what to do to the Figure if the maximum of his life lies in the negative area? Perhaps it is better to be a parasite? Or?

Treat a question extremely seriously. The author of a question - the real person, the professional political strategist who was creatively disconnecting from heat in the Siberian frosts the whole cities that before elections to compromise authorities in power.

Answer: he knows the correct answer, it is possible not to answer … Is good

, the part of people normally cares only to itself. Well, about some relatives: as a rule, about those who care for it. All others - strangers who can use when conveniently and it turns out and in the rest of the time let are not stirred.

As a chair - it is necessary to me, I to myself moved it, sat down and sat. Rose - the chair pushed: everything, it is not necessary to me any more.

Essence not that “ pushed “ - it is normal. The efficient person also differs from the idler in what can push those who now away from his business - an essence that among all people really live worthy interest and care of people - only he.

To him it is painful - it is wrong because it should not be painful to him. It is painful to another - well and that, me - that what business? It had money - it is good, money appeared at you - it is good only if something comes the way also of it.

does not interest him life interests only in that degree, more precisely, as it concerns personally him. Its internal slogan - a familiar expression which was left behind in the history by the French king Louis XV: “ After us the deluge! “ (According to other version this phrase belonged to madam Pompadur, its favourite. Both historical persons of this phrase are worthy.) Such person cares only for himself.

And there are people for whom it is naturally clear that people around it are living people too, they want to eat and use convenient things too, to meet favourite people and to do favorite thing that they dream too and long, hope and trust … Such person perceives himself not only as unique unit in space emptiness, he knows that it - continuation of human history that his life was made such by many people to it and, perhaps, he will be able to make the necessary contribution to life.

For such people it is peculiar to care for people and life.

Having compared with the previous division of people into Figures and Parasites, it is easily possible to make the following table distinguishing people on a way and an orientation of their life.

the Way and an orientation of life

the Romantic

Care first of all of life and people - for someone else`s account

the Creator

Care first of all of life and people - at own expense

the Consumer

Care first of all of themselves - at own expense

the Parasite

Care first of all of themselves - for someone else`s account

of the Situation happen different: life happens is generous to us, is cruel, once it pushes together us foreheads, once - puts before a possibility of cooperation … As the designated types in all these cases differently prove!

Break: Test!

Ahead - schemes and the tables difficult and interesting: it will be necessary to understand them, and for this purpose - to understand itself then to reflect and define the place in life. According to you the big way is necessary. But before this thought nobody will prevent you and just to stretch cards. On a path …

TEST: What your way of life?


A now about these types - in detail and seriously.

Life is usual, difficult

During usual, that is rather difficult, lives when it not the holiday, but also not disaster, the average person knows: it is necessary to turn that everything was and that nothing for it was. If the person so lives at own expense, this is the normal Consumer, a basis of modern society if its slogan: “ Who would feed me? “ and he looks for an opportunity to live for the account someone`s is a Parasite familiar to us.

He is an Exploiter.

the Romantic in the same situation supports not itself, he cannot reconcile with imperfection of life in any way in general: “ Here that for bestiality?! We live - in dirt, pancake, forgot to be on friendly terms, we are not able to love. Unless so it is necessary life?! Eh!! “ Means, it is time to get a bottle and to drink. And then to drink still. And then all together, to the guitar, to sing beautiful and sincere songs about true ญ love which ญ surely waits for us behind turn, and ญญ a wonderful life ญญ which ญ to us will come sooner or later...

We will translate - to us someone will make it … imperfection of life, but, unlike the Romantic does not arrange

of the Creator too, he does not sing a song and does not wait for miracles, and does what depends on it. Does every day - vigorously, persistently and flexibly. The most interesting is the fact that through human efforts life can really gain new quality and become comfortable: beautiful, pure and for people of convenient.

In the beginning in one separately taken house and at one separately taken enterprise, then - in separately taken country … Why people like to live in Switzerland? Because life there - is well made. It is really made.

Checked the test on listeners; ญญ interrogated on the air, and, above all - several tens people gave ญ answers to a radio pager. Distribution is such:

40% - Consumers;

30% - Romantics;

15% - Parasites;

15% - Creators.

Certainly, a heap of the mixed types. However, mix of Parasites with Creators somehow did not appear...

There is the only remark according to the theory: after conversations with the people it seems that to claim: “ Romantics always spoil the holiday “ - it is impossible. There is a feeling that they minutes of a holiday - are unpredictable: as the left leg will want. Can cheerfully dance with all, and then suddenly depart and start howling. Such it is maniacal - depressive psychosis in a miniature...


Generally it is simple to mix the Creator and the Consumer because also the Person eats (regularly), and the Consumer creates (at least once). The main difference - in accents that becomes for what. The consumer creates as necessary to get, have and grow rich, the Creator gets, has and grows rich to create.

Erich Fromm raised this question as the choice to have or be. And Bregg formulated even more simply: “ To Live that is, - or is to live? “

Confusion arises also because the Creator, caring for people and life, cannot and should not forget also about itself: it too part of this life, and, obviously, not its worst part! Moreover, in many cases it is necessary to care for himself first of all. Why? Because it is naturally reasonable to care first of all for your loved ones and who are closer to you if not you to?

Look at a question it is realistic: to move a bread box to the neighbor - it is normal, but here if I will feed him from a spoon while he feeds me, it is not care, but a madhouse any more.

Let everyone takes care first of all of the own life and the business, a question in that, why, for whom you do it?

For - or for life?

When life - a holiday

the Happy child. As the person - the consumer most of all likes to bliss out and have a good time, in a situation of free time, forces and means he arranges himself a holiday. Hurrah!! Glasses ring, champagne flows, the paintball breaks wind, petards fly and blow up. Strictly speaking, the holiday is time when what was created and saved up during everyday life is joyfully destroyed. And the more it is destroyed, the holiday is more!

But everything is honest: on the. And as people on the real holiday are beautiful!

Without brakes. The holiday is good when all know how many it is possible to drink and when it is time to disperse. If this culture of a holiday is absent, then instead of pleasure there are problems, including at people around: one in the heat of passion will lose someone else`s money in a casino, another in a state of intoxication on the jeep will bring down the people standing on a stop.

Short holiday, big problems.

Sad. However, someone refuses to celebrate essentially: “ Well as you can rejoice when in it it is a high time in Angola children starve? Here is how you can rejoice then?! “ This humanistically the adjusted person cares for all, but upon loses also others a possibility of a holiday day after day.

Means, it is necessary to do life festive to someone to another … by

the Businessman. The person - the creator loves holidays, he loves this happy time when at it at last appear free time, forces and money. It is its real holiday - because now it can invest the time, forces and money in those who it are worthy. Having calculated, it ญ can ญญญ support at last ญญญ the best, ญ be enclosed in those in whom to be put the sense is.

And then a holiday ญ it will be valid at many!

When life - is difficult

Life is difficult - what to invent? It is necessary to survive, the Consumer knows, and strains, sometimes extremely heroically to rescue though something.

Though for the sake of, but - a feat.

to the Parasite in this situation is a little simpler: he accepts a role of the sufferer, aches, cries, but usually seriously undertakes nothing.

All this is so awful! Just hands fall!

the Romantic, looking at this ญญ really nasty ญญ situation, loftily exclaims: “ The Person so cannot live! “ - also commits suicide.

Then question: “ And who will correct this nasty situation? “ - does not concern him any more.

A the Creator takes a situation under the control and does everything that depends on it to help those who in the help really need a difficult situation: not obligatory for that who most loudly shouts, but that who the truth under blow. ญ As a rule, ญ first of all ญญ it is necessary ญญญ to support ญ weakened and to rescue what ญ can ญญญญ irrevocably die.

If you in mountains, all tired and ญ hungry, but one of you broke a leg: what should be done? - To carry on himself the one who cannot go now.

When life pushes together us foreheads

In anything so brightly the philosophy of life of everyone, as in a situation when life pushes together us foreheads is not shown: you or I? You or I will receive this titbit? To concede to me - or you will manage? Whose, my or your, interest will be recognized more important?

When to eat than profit, but you not one, normal egoist looks after that he likes and to grab as if it, the altruist endowing himself ญ worries whether he already refused everything, the person decent (sotsiotsentrist) cares that interests of all were considered.

Though maybe differently. I quite assume that the decent person can even not comply absolutely interest of the become an inveterate drunkard bum, having given preference to the one who a parasite to a lesser extent. Who the person - in bigger.

a Specific place is held by the sociopath who worries not so much about whether all to it put was received by him, how many about whether not too received others much. At the household level its slogan: “ It is not necessary to me the second cow, it is necessary to me that at the neighbor the cow ญ died! “ ญ on the scale of ญญ society: that there was ญ no poor, it destroys the rich.

And it too - life philosophy … When life offers

the union

When life offers the union, all normal Consumers get off in packs: one for all and all for one, and all against strangers: “ Fidelity! “ Education of corporate culture, as a rule, this instilling in employees of feeling: “ We are the! “

And respectively: “ We are not on sale! “

that does any team - a family, a gang or firm - is stronger, also boyesposobny is more viable.

However, the Parasite chooses easier way: on a look and it is still nourishing, he presses close and makes up to strong, but is ready to sell for thirty conventional units the, and at a difficult moment - to leave, betray.

Qualification: mean jackal. Coward and traitor. the Romantic will never betray

, but also discipline of corporate culture to it obviously not to liking. He chooses - independence, that is “ freedom of OT “. Its favourite protective thesis: “ I have to nothing to nobody! “ the thesis attacking: “ You have no right! “ and all program ญ is under construction on a negative: to argue (“ Anything similar! “), to break (“ And I can! “), to leave (“ My business! “) and to defend (the desires).

Called by the Principles.

of People - the creator is able to work in team, mindet to be true, but his fidelity - not blind. It “ the “ are good not the fact that they “ the “ and the fact that it is the worthy people doing worthy serious work. He chose these people, this firm, this work, and now he at favourite work and with duties of which he is proud. The person - the creator chooses “ freedom of DLYA “.

of the Summary

Correlating itself or others with the types presented in this table there is no sense to try to define precisely whom are you or other people interesting to you: there are no pure types, each of us is once both the Consumer, and the Creator, and the Romantic, and the Parasite. Sense in another: knowing these types, you can precisely and responsibly define the philosophy of life, understand what really attracts you then honestly to trace how - whom? - you in different situations really prove.