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Network marketing in the XXI century. Or system 2. 0 in operation.

What is Network Marketing 2. 0

Time goes, everything changes. Scientifically technical progress blows the mind. In a century of information technologies, the world became flat. In any second, you can phone to the person who is from you is absolute in other part of the world. Moreover, it is not simple to communicate to it, and to arrange video communication.

Unless we could dream of it 10 - 15 years ago, of course not, the first cell phones were for pleasure. The world changes, also we change. And, of course, methods of business, advertizing, advance of goods in the market cardinally change.

Watch commercials which twisted 10 years ago. Now they at us can raise only a smile. Of any business today, we do not think without electronic technologies, automation, the Internet.

Network business at the same time not an exception. Technicians who worked earlier are not suitable for work today. I will not go into details what is network marketing in general, it is supposed that you are already familiar with this direction of business.

Let`s consider a difference, between Network marketing 1. 0 and 2. 0.

Network Marketing 1. 0 - it is classical option of creation of mnogourovny business, advance of goods, a brand of the company, on means of the warm market (acquaintances, neighbors, everything whom we could meet directly). And only the small part of activity is focused on the cold market (Advertizing in mass media, the Internet, leaflets).

Network Marketing 2. 0 - it is generally the Internet. It is full automation of all processes which can only be automated. It is work only with target audience. Network Marketing 2. 0, it first of all advance of the Personal Brand. The only thing that remained, this communication with candidates before start, it always was and awakes live and individual.

As Network Marketing 1 worked. 0

Network sales manager 1. 0 had to make the list of the 100 acquaintances, make an appointment, hold the short presentations, agree about repeated meetings. To make plans of dialings, communication. As if, such presentations were not short, time for them leaves much. And here to communicate and offer the business, it is necessary everyone and everything.

To find the partner, it was necessary to shovel hundreds, perhaps thousands of candidates. Also it turns out that 90 - 95% of the personal time the Network sales manager 1. 0 wasted. As 90 - 95% of candidates the offered business in principle do not interest.

After at last that the partner was found, he needed to be motivated so strongly what he could repeat a feat of the sponsor. Therefore from the starting partners many were blown off in the first month.

And that offers Network Marketing 2. 0

Network Marketing 2. 0 it is completely focused on search of partners on the Internet. Task of the Network sales manager 2. 0 is setup of all tools (the websites, blogs, advertizing, mailing) for search of candidates on an automatic pilot. I.e. You create the website which for you completely tells your candidate, all about your business.

You look, you do not spend for this candidate not of second. If he is interested in your offer, he can contact you, or fill a form on your website then you contact it.

But it is already target candidate, that is this is that person whom your offer already interested, and calling up to it, already you look whether you want to do business with it or not.

Yes the second, and, perhaps, the major task in system of Network Marketing 2. 0, is creation of a flow of visitors on your website, if to you the website is visited by one person a day, business at you will also not turn out. Respectively, the more a stream, the more candidates can become interested yours in the offer.

Here is how time other tools are intended for this purpose, to create flows of visitors to you on the website.

You will tell, it is difficult, it is necessary to learn to build the websites, to do blogs, to start the advertizing companies. Yes friends, it is necessary to work. Though you have a choice, can advance Network Marketing 1. 0.