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We begin to change the life or a way to success.

Everything that we have in life, are result of the decisions which are once made by us. Any our action, is the choice. Even to get up in the morning and to go for work, it is the choice. Where we are today and that we receive from life, all this result of once made decisions.

Each decision you have a consequence, good or bad. Learn to make the correct decisions, and you will understand how to become the owner of the future.

Example: Since morning at work at you the important report is necessary to the head, but you are invited today by the excellent company to a party. Invitingly, isn`t that so? And before us the choice to go to potusit, or it will be prepared for the report.

By the way life always to us throws up tempting alternatives. Of course, having gone to a party, you will hardly well be prepared for the report. At worst the report J can not take place.

Of course there are times which do not give in to control, nevertheless, you can decide how to work in this situation with the smallest losses.

Understand, your life today, is the sum of your yesterday`s decisions, elections and actions. Make only the considered decisions. You should not allow to influence to emotions the made decisions. The decision only considered is true.

If you find it difficult to answer immediately, take a time a miss, consider everything and make the correct decision.

To facilitate decision-making, you surely have to have purposes, and the action plan. If you need more money, the best work, make the decisions advancing you to this purpose. If you try to obtain good relations with someone, act in this direction.

The main thing what the reason, but not feeling, influenced your decisions.

Now it is a little about the purposes:

Many people want to live better. I think, this desire congenitally. Where we would not be, we look for the horizon and we want what that more interesting.

It is good, and at the same time it is bad.

Well because from - for this dream, we learn to look afar and to see possible options of the excellent future for itself, the family, affairs, the business. But why, it is bad? Because our thoughts are not reality yet. And any dream - it is bad if it is only dream and there is nothing more.

From - for such dreams, we will call it the imagination, at people hands fall, they are depressed, cease to dream correctly. Any dream has to be supported automatically with the action plan even if very difficult, but real.


If I work as the Ordinary employee in establishment, and I earn 5000 thousand rubles a month, of course, through half of year it will not be possible to depart to autumn holiday on the moon, perhaps, it will not be possible to fly also to some countries on the earth. But here to gather and podkopit money for the permit to Egypt, Turkey it is quite real.

Just in advance you learn how many the permit will cost at this time, and calculate how many you will need to postpone monthly.

Means if you have a dream to fly in the fall to holiday to Turkey. It it will be valid reality because you know the action plan. Let`s say to lay monthly 1500 rubles. Perhaps difficult, but it is real.

In more detail about planning of the purposes we still will consider in the subsequent posts

Remember, the Key to changes - your decision, and then the actions conducting to the purpose. Having begun the movement, it is important not to stop until the dream is not realized.

Making the correct decisions, working hard and having a fair idea of the dreams, you can embody them in reality.

Imaginations, on the contrary, have no chance to become reality Therefore it is extremely important not to confuse these two concepts.

Friends, plan your progress.