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What year future prepares for town-planners?

Author: Sergey Soshnikov

the Eve of the introduction in the last year of the first decade of a new century is significant for our country not only understanding of consequences of a global economic crisis, but also serious transformations in the sphere which is most injured by him - in the sphere of town planning.

So since January 1, 2010 all municipalities (and all them in the country more than 20 thousand) which did not develop Master plans of the settlements lose the right to build up the territories. Completion of this process started with adoption of the new Town-planning code in difficult economic conditions and at absence in the country of due quantity of qualified personnel of architects - town-planners is represented unreal for execution. Experts predict inevitability of transfer of the declared directive term. And, obviously, it will also occur.

On this disturbing background rather positively looks the Lipetsk region. A graphic evidence of achievements of the urban policy pursued on the Lipetsk earth is the recent indisputable victory at the international festival - the competition Architecture 2009 . The multimedia exposition of our region devoted to this topic of the day was presented on the main exhibition platform of the country - the Moscow arena - in October, 2009. The curator of the Lipetsk section of an exhibition - the Chief architect of area Biruta Kantsane placed the main emphasis on development of our edge due to creation of Special economic zones, both Federal, and regional level. It was very highly estimated both by the Union of architects of Russia, and the Ministry of regional development.

Second the problem put before builders, researchers and designers of the country on the importance which needs also to be solved until the end of 2009. it is caused by the changes made to the Town-planning code of the Russian Federation. Since January 1, 2010 the system of licensing of these kinds of activity operating in construction branch is cancelled.

succeeds the state licensing system of Self-regulatory organizations (SRO) which are responsible for quality and safety of performance as construction, prospecting, and project works. These organizations created in 2009 are also urged to grant to the members certificates on the right of performance of work of the buildings and constructions connected with safety. All not entered for any reason the relevant self-regulatory organizations - construction, prospecting and design, lose since new 2010 of the right to carry out the activity.

idea of creation of Self-regulatory organizations, certainly, is progressive what long-term experience of the developed countries testifies to. But in too time again it turned out, as always, and there was a wish as it is better . And this time did not do without nuances which in principle distinguish our system of SRO from the approved and successfully working self-regulatory organizations in the developed countries long ago. So in all civilized world of the certificate, certificates or licenses for the right of implementation of kinds of activity are granted not to the organizations, and particular natural persons - architects and engineers, i.e. the experts having the corresponding qualification and experience for performance of this work. And presence of it certified the expert in the construction, prospecting or design organization grants it the right for implementation of the corresponding kinds of activity.

the Law on SRO was formed hurriedly and as it often happens, people far from understanding of specifics of construction, project and prospecting works. So absolutely unreal for performance in separately taken region was a task set by the legislation on quantitative structure of members of SRO of researchers. It is obvious that it is impossible to collect in one territory in SRO not less than 50 - ti the prospecting organizations. To a lesser extent it belongs also to the organizations in the sphere of design activity.

At that time when from high stands assure us about full support of small business and individual business, the law puts in identical economic conditions on expenses of the introduction and existence within SRO both independently individual entrepreneur, and the large design organization numbering several hundreds, and even thousands of people working alone. And the list of the works influencing safety causes only bewilderment in experts. It is obvious that was made by his people far from realities and practice of work of a construction complex. And it is not sophisticated. Today in our country there is no government body, as well as the particular person who is responsible for architecture and town planning. Only in the Ministry of regional development this component is present (among other structural divisions) at the scantiest structure. It is the expected result of those reorganization which are carried out, probably, for the sake of the reorganization. Such directive bodies as the State Committee for Construction, Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing, Gosgrazhdanstroy supervising construction are lost.

the Public organization the Union of architects of Russia uniting in the ranks of the leading architects of the country within many last years developed the transition based on international experience from the state licensing to system of self-regulatory organizations. The projects of all necessary changes in the Russian legislation focused on creation of SRO by the regional principle uniting leading experts of several neighboring areas were developed. Unfortunately, developers of the current law did not consider these as showed life, the correct offers.

Nevertheless, in certain regions took advantage of the offers which are given rise in the creative Union. So in the Chernozem region the interregional SROs (with the center to Voronezh) uniting builders, researchers and designers of the Chernozem region were created. It allowed in short terms and at rather high level to prepare necessary bases for creation and registration of such organizations. In structure of SRO Association of designers of the Chernozem region not only the numerous design organizations from the neighboring areas, but also even major engineering firms from the FSU and beyond entered.

the General economic load of small business enterprises is aggravated and carried out in the country (besides until the end of 2010) by the company on reduction of charters of Limited liability companies in compliance with the new Russian legislation.

What can be predicted in domestic town planning on the near-term outlook taking into account above-mentioned factors?

Is inevitable blow to the most numerous layer of participants of this most creative profession in the world and, as a result of it, reduction of small business enterprises and private business in the construction and design sphere. Need of insurance of the activity, certainly, will be reflected also in cost as construction, and proyektno - prospecting works and, eventually, will lay down on the cost of square meter of the entered areas, so, and on the consumer`s shoulders. And all this occurs against stood waiting for the market of real estate.

Sergey Soshnikov

Chairman of the section Town planning Civic chamber of Lipetsk, head of LLC The Architectural creative workshop Soshnikov / Aristov is architects adviser of PAACH, honourable architect of Russia