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One of the most important questions in network marketing is an ability to communicate and ability to build up human relations. Entering business, we meet the person who invites us. It is the first contact.

Then a rendezvous, calls by phone and everywhere contacts with people, - communication. Big business is not engaged in communication with people, network business, that is we is engaged in it. And if in big business small mistakes are not so essential, then in ours, repeated repeatedly, they are multiplied many times over.

Our business, is not business pilyulek, additives, cocktails, elixirs, cosmetics, a miracle - " devices; and super products .


is a Business of Communication, Business of the Human Relations.

In the network company, the main god and the main value - people. The main factor - human. People of whom it consists, - force and power of network business.

Before arrival to the network company the majority of us have no skill of work with people. Over time people understand that the situations arising at communication repeat, and skills of communication can be seized, and then you will be able correctly to react in these situations.

your task - to become the Master Obshcheniya.

I then you will seize ability to achieve results pleasing to you, to form for others and for yourself a certain scale of values, to force all and all to work for yourself. You learn to operate the thoughts and behavior so that to achieve those results which are wished by you.

The correct creation of the relations with the sponsor and distributors can learn.

is effective to communicate - it is possible to learn.

Skills of communication, so necessary in our work, are not inherited, and gained!


Are got by laborious work on themselves, continuous continuous training, improvement of the skill!

you will not meet any leading network sales manager who would not support the level by continuous self-training (books, disks, seminars). Than more people study and read, especially they are successful in any field of activity. Leaders of network marketing are insatiable concerning books, self-instruction manuals, disks and so on.

As they are necessary tools, for creation of the great empire in own consciousness.

The leading leaders recommend to begin with reading, listening and viewing of the training materials. Read biographies of the great people who overcame huge obstacles in the way. You receive double benefit.

You will be able to study on others experience and will increase the level of communication, having enriched the lexicon, reduce the fears.

Books, disks, seminars, trainings, reading, hearing, participation in various programs of training - and, then, reading, hearing, and participation again and again.

Also estimate each your action from the point of view of the movement to the purpose, to implementation of the dream. Because in each timepoint, you build dream - either the, or others.

If you read to

daily 20 pages of the training book,
whose dream you build that? - The!

And This the small, over time getting stronger discipline, will lift you upward.

But instead it is possible to read a fiction. Your today`s work and life will collapse from it?

By no means! But this small error in an assessment increased by time will press you to a bottom and will throw out on a life roadside! Listen to


and you watch for 15 minutes a day the motivating disks.

LISTEN AND you WATCH DISKS of MASTERS, and they will help you to rise by success top.

But, It is possible to listen instead to disks of the Madonna or Britney Spears.

Whose dream, in this case you will build?

What will operate your life at this moment?

Attend seminars of personal growth of times in 2 months.

Ah, you on it have no time? You gather every Saturday with friends, to drink beer? Drinking a bottle behind a bottle whose dream you build? The small inaccuracy of the choice multiplied by time will kill your dream!

I you will become the voluntary member

secret society of gray mediocrities

which destroys 95% of people.

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