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How to raise TITs I Page Rank of the website and to receive to 10 000 visitors a day?

the System is very simple, but at the same time is very effective instrument of increase of tITs, PR of your website. Showing 7 text references on the website, you will find out after a while that the reference to your website costs, at least, on 5 559 websites in a network! Not bad, huh? at the same time, the index of citing Yandex and Page Rank Google as such number of references to your website, definitely will influence its weight in search engines will strongly raise.

You see continuation below (under the list of references)...


1) 4warez. biz

2) we Offer pumps, electric motors and other equipment from storage

3) the Dating site

4) RosBusinessConsulting


6) the Intellectual banner

7 network) Tura across Europe - individual and group tours, exclusive programs for Europe - locks, palaces, the tropical centers of rest with aquaparks. Aviation flights and bus routes. Excursion programs.

How to raise Tits and Pr of your website?


1. Use your browser (a menu item To Keep as... ) to copy this page (also the page code will at the same time be copied).

Keep it in your system as promote. html (or promote. htm).

2. Remove the last (seventh) reference together with the description, move others down and place your reference (the reference to your website) together with the description of the website in the FIRST situation (position).

3. You will make sure that a way to your reference, not relative, but absolute (i.e., begins with Other people will copy your page and, respectively, the reference has to be correct when click on it where - nibud in other place). Try to give the short and at the same time exact description of your resource (approximately to 200 symbols, 3 - 4 lines).

4. Create on the promote page. html well visible reference (text or graphic - to you to solve) from the main page of your resource or from the page with the greatest passability. It is possible to create several references from different places of the website. You, first of all, have to be interested that as much as possible visitors got on this page. Make sure that your communication it is really visible.

For a guarantee, use, something like it: CLICK

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You have to have now:

1. Well visible reference on your main (or another) the page indicating promote. html in your system. Your text reference with the description has to be on the first place among other references.

2. Seven text references have to stand on your promote page. html. Also allow them to remain there. Similarly, your reference will be shown on thousands of other pages and the websites.

3. As you see - all information is had in the table. Do not change design of the table and an arrangement of information! It is strictly forbidden to change self-willedally enclosed instruction, to distort sense of information etc. As a last resort, it is admissible to change color scale of information if it is not coordinated with your design. For example, at you - white color of the text on a black background. However, at change of color parameters, please pay attention: legibility of information should not suffer.

As it works:

web is a lot of - masters will visit your site and will join the program of increase of tITs and Page Rank, having taken itself your page, together with your reference and moving it at itself on the second position.

of Web - masters who visit their sites and the &ndash pages; will do the same. By then, when your reference will move on 5 - yu a &ndash position; you will have about 50 000 references to the resource from other websites! At a good deal all this is possible several months later! If you want, then farther count.

Let`s show it: for example, your promote page. html copied to themselves and, respectively, placed the reference to you of 15 people of web - masters (actually, this figure will be much more, but give for an example we will take this number). Let`s assume also that each of these web - masters were also visited on 15 people and joined the program of increase of an index of citing etc. - same cycle.

Result at placement of your reference to 5 (fifth) positions: 15x15x15x15 = 50 625. The reference to your website will be present at 50 625 websites or pages! If your reference reaches to 7 - y positions, then the result will be just astronomical!

And these exiles (communications) are CONTINUOUS! They conduct potential visitors on your website always!

I for 100% is safe for your resource, lift the Index of Citing and Page Rank.

For example: this page, on my website has Pr=3, i.e. references from it, are already quite powerful.

is farther more, draw conclusions!

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