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As competently to borrow?

To a salary are far, and there is a wish to eat already now. Where to take though how many - nibud to the next pay? Let`s consider possible options.

You to me friend or how?

First that in such situation occurs: it is necessary to borrow friends.

Well, option quite good. But consider that the friend even if you are familiar with him from kindergarten, absolutely not necessarily is eager to hand you rather large sum. As they say, friendship friendship You do not hurry to take offense, at first suggest to issue transaction present loan agreement. To the notary with him if, of course, this is not about ten thousand in foreign currency or more, it is possible not to go so you will cope for half an hour. But if to the friend as the creditor is quieter, then you receive money rather.

Remember several subtleties. The exact amount of debt and term to which money has to be returned are, as a rule, specified in the contract. But even if there is no such instruction, do not think that you will return money when you will be able. According to the law (Art. 810 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation), the borrowed sum in this case it has to be returned by the borrower within thirty days since that moment as the creditor about it will ask.

For delay the penalty can be imposed. Usually its size is specified directly in the contract. So every day delay with a refund will increase an amount of debt. Let`s tell, for 1 percent. But even if about punishment in the contract nothing is told, to delay return we do not advise. In - the first, you will lose the friend. And, in - the second, you can do everything - to run into a penalty. The existing Civil code in this case allows to collect 0,03 percent from an amount of debt for each day of delay. Not so there is a lot of, but it is unpleasant.

By the way when you repay a debt, do not forget to take away the voucher of money from the friend. The friendship friendship

on the security

If at the family, friends, friends and familiar acquaintances was not succeeded to intercept to a pay, it is possible to look in the house for something expensive and temporarily not really necessary. An unnecessary thing it is possible to pawn.

Most willingly in pawnshops accept that it is less and more expensively - gold and silver jewelry, expensive watch, fur coats or expensive laptops. But do not think that, having brought a favourite ringlet in a pawnshop, you borrow that sum which had to be laid out for it in jewelry store. As if not so! The pawnshop will give at best twice less. Moreover will also charge from you for the services rather big fee.

Rates everywhere different, but on average they fluctuate about 0,5 percent from the credit sum in day. That is, in a month you will give about 15 percent. However, if you pawn really expensive item, can give you a discount. Let`s tell, up to 8 percent a month. However, in terms of annual percent anyway turn out huge - up to 150-200 percent. But quickly.

If closer to the end of credit term in a pawnshop you feel that you cannot redeem pledge yet, pay a pawnshop the run percent and renew the contract for one term. But even if you will not make it, not everything is lost. Pawnshops provide special grace period - month during which you can receive the thing, having paid the increased percent. After these 30 days pledge will be offered for sale.

We go to bank

Krom of the target credits (on the apartment, the car, payment of study at university etc.) practically all banks issue the so-called credits for urgent needs now. They are rather small (usually to 100-200 thousand rubles), but it is possible to spend the borrowed sum for anything. Besides for receiving it credit for everything the borrower does not need to collect the whole a lot of references. There will be enough pasportaa of the certificate of the income. And sometimes will be also one passport enough. All this means that money can be received quickly enough. As a rule, during two - three days from the moment of the appeal to bank.

But do not think that money will give out in general without any problems. You remember, friendship friendship And bank to crown it all to you at all not the friend. Any banker does not want to help personally you, he wants to earn money. And to anyone will not lend. Most of all chances to obtain the credit for urgent needs at the person not too young, but also not too elderly, long ago working at the same place, receiving a decent salary and in addition not having problems with the law, but having in the passport a stamp about continuous registration. To such lucky and to worry - that there is nothing. One or two days - it is also possible to come for money. At the others trouble will be more.

And still, for one or two weeks the credits in banks, as a rule, are not issued. Time having contacted bank, you should communicate with it several months. And God forbid to delay payment! The credit though small, and will spoil credit history not worse than big.

Good luck!