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New year 2010! What to prepare? How to meet?

will pass the Coming 2010 under the sign of the White (Metal) Tiger. It will replace the expiring year of the Bull on February 14. For a holiday it is necessary to be adjusted, prepare for it, to dream of a miracle - only then the meeting of New year and all forthcoming year will take place surprisingly easily and cheerfully, will bring you good luck, will help to realize plans. Decoration of the house. The house needs to be decorated as it is possible more brightly. Richly decorate a Christmas tree. It is good to make toys with own hands and to make wishes. Place vases with fruit, candies and nuts everywhere. Add a festive situation with branches of any coniferous tree, having made of them New Year`s compositions. In color scale white, black and yellow colors - " have to prevail; tigerish color . Holiday table. Whenever possible put a table at which you will sit on New Year`s Eve 2010 on the middle of the room and lay a yellow or orange cloth. Choose ware metal (well if you have table objects from silver) or wooden, as a last resort - ceramic. You remember: traditional New Year`s colors - red, blue, white, green, gold, silver. It is better to prefer ware of such flowers. The New Year`s table is inconceivable without candles. They also have to be yellow or orange color. It is possible to build the improvised fir-tree from fruit. Best of all tangerines, oranges and apples which can be fastened with toothpicks are suitable for this purpose. If time has not enough, and there is a wish to create New Year`s mood, just fill a transparent vase with unbreakable Christmas tree decorations. In the center of a table put a tiger figure. We meet year of the Tiger therefore on a holiday table there have to be many meat dishes. It is better to make meat on skewers or by means of a grill, and as a garnish potatoes, beet, carrots will approach. Drinks are welcomed in is yellow - orange tones: champagne, cognac, liqueurs, juice. The more plentifully you will lay a New Year`s table, the will win big favor of the Tiger. If you on New Year`s cards write the festive menu and put it before each guest, it will be very lovely to look. Clothes for New year. Colors of New year 2010 - white color in clothes and something striped in details - a belt, a scarf, gloves is preferable. The red shade will not offend the owner of the coming year too. It would be quite good to decorate the dress with fur (for example, a fur collar) or skin. Accessories and jewelry are recommended to be picked up from natural materials, stones. Metal rings, a beads, bracelets, earrings from gold, silver, copper and platinum are good. But it is better to put on jewelry separately, without mixing different metals. On a belief, on New Year`s Eve some new subject of a toilet has to be surely put on you - it can be a scarf, some ornament, a hairpin for hair or a clip for a tie, at last. Seeing off year last, not really - that you praise the Bull. According to the Burmese legend, the Bull won fight of the Tiger and by that dishonored it before other animals of east horoscope. Since then the Tiger dislikes the owner of the year preceding it, and too diligent praise of the Bull can have to a predator not on temper: he will take offense at you and will deprive in the coming year of the protection. Astrologers advise to make a figure of the Bull of ice and right after peal of bells to kindle it. And with alcohol on New Year`s Eve it is necessary to be more careful, the Tiger of human weaknesses does not love. We wish you on New Year`s Eve festive mood, optimism and belief that New year will bring fulfillment of desires and positive changes!