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Creeping zombifikation: the foundation is laid?

the Modern culture imperceptibly, but methodically brainwashes the population. The western countries already reap the first fruits of the ambitious ignorance built in a capital ideal.

« Edition; Kalkalist published very extravagant article under the name Attack of the zombie . Her author, the CEO two business - the consulting companies, left the field of the activity, intruded in the social sphere and came to the crowded square with the poster of frankly defiant contents. Article lifted the whole squall of contradictory responses, however practically nobody denied the phenomenon about which there is a speech.

Zombies became part of everyday life developed world. At some they lodged at home, others face them at friends and acquaintances. Zombies do not consist on the account in medical institutions, do not appear in official statistics, do not fit into accurate criteria. Unlike criminal dramas and causeless violence among the missing youth, zomboeffekt seldom gets to shots though it is widespread much more widely.

Sometimes it begins already with high school, and sometimes the young man manages to hold on to final examinations. Anyway, at some moment begins it to be buggy and people around at first with alarm, and then with despair watch how one more life falls.

Zombie - living dead persons of different age categories from 15 to 30. It is indeed new trend for which there were suitable conditions only presently: 400 TV channels and a reality - the shows which are broadcast 24 hours a day.

Earlier the standard of living was lower, and the standard of work - above. People worked even if did not derive from it pleasure, and as a last resort to earn money them the family forced. When work was a necessary condition of a survival very few people showed tolerance to inaction and indifference of younger generation.

However, today the person since small years gets to the brainwashing atmosphere of egocentric society. Progressive the way of life generated a surprising combination: the ideals of general prosperity provided (at least moderately) parents and modern culture, are more right a cult with only one shrine - self-advertisement. All this creates a fertile field for new young growth which withers, without having managed to ascend.

More and more people do not find the reasons for growth and turn into the died-away old men long before cross a semicentennial threshold. The classical zombie lies on a sofa in the house of the parents, having stared at moving pictures which his specialists in a telenonsense bewitch.

The zombie becomes more and more, and the reason of it - in elementary fear. Without having managed to join life yet, the person finds out that he not in forces to cope with the mad pressure of the competition which is imposed to us in all forms. He recognizes the defeat in advance and refuses participation in running. And if you are noncompetitive, so and insolvent. You have a crossed out section in the column career a crossed out section in the column housing a crossed out section in the column family ...

Modern zombies - not so much outcast, how many rejected. They rejected standard model in illusive hope for good luck which flickers from flat screens. The advertizing generated by culture and self-conceit, the zombie dream of gloss of glory for a minimum of efforts. Like Kai who got to the palace of the Snow queen they spread the word « from small pieces of ice; eternity (eternity), only leaves at them: reality and selebrit .

In the zombie`s sky - the world stars - are lit five-minutes. Ikhmanera are rough, and words are inarticulate because they have nothing to express. They call deception and an intriguing of the lowest manner strategy and the negligibility is done by an example for imitation.

As you can see, the author does not feel sorry for words. Got from it and to « programs; Big brother participation in which becomes for the zombie nearly business of life and at the same time a shelter from its burdens. At the same time thousands of others looking from sofas in vain expectation of the hour are behind minute of fame which dropped out to one.

The approximate zombie of our days has a consciousness and dreams, but there is no energy and responsibility. He does not feel need to earn to itself(himself) on livelihood, he is ready to live tips of parents or relatives and to be content with the food remains from the refrigerator. Sometimes it is enough for fragile communication with similar, however, as a rule, it is lonely. Deprived of an environment, suppressed, it suppresses also the relatives. And it pristrashchatsya sometimes to alcohol, drugs or something else. It - one more form of a depression before which the world is powerless.

We will give the floor to Bill Cosby, the famous American comedian:

I asked the guy:

- Tell, than cocaine is so wonderful?

- He emphasizes qualities of your personality.

- Yes, but that if you - shit?

Even if in these words there is also a truth, it is only a grain of truth, false in a separation from an overall picture. The depression is caused by discord between us and would sow still ó lshy discord, like the majority of modern problems. It is transmitted through television and advertizing, through new social codes. Earlier we sometimes ran away from real life to screen fiction, and now all on the contrary.

The burden of human relationship becomes intolerable, generates violence, or apathy, and sometimes - both that, and another together. Symptoms of the general trouble &ndash are that; inability of modern society to set the adequate object and to give business to huge number of people whose part throws out the egoism rewandering in own juice on a roadside.

In search of self-satisfaction the world took incredible speed, and weak do not maintain any more. They - the negative of an individualistic palette which is not shown in color, the silent prevention to all rest. Society has to find solutions not only to physical existence, but also deeper, often unconscious requirement &ndash today; to give sense of the life.

Economic prosperity, world, safety - all this yesterday calls, the author of article is convinced. A new call already here, and it poses the most direct threat. In a pursuit of pseudo-values we in the eyes tear off the last threads connecting us with each other. As a result of people there is one, and one man is no man. In this situation it is easier for much to run from problems, than to solve them.

So far billions in the Third world fight for a survival, in safe the countries losers capitulate to system of an obolvanivaniye and dissociation. To stop this creeping zombifikation, society needs to rise over artificial, far-fetched contradictions and to supply elite self-conceit superstructure, more precisely thin control. It will be some kind of converter sending individualism currents to the course of interaction. If you are so good if you very best, - prove it real advantage to others. And if is not present, - leaves, Cosby is really right?

It is hard to say what countries suffer from this phenomenon more, and what - it is less. However already speak about it and write. By and large, it is one more symptom of large-scale crisis which is not limited to finance and economy at all. Its roots should be looked for in nature of human relationship which is through impregnated with an egocentrism.

Modern zombies are generated by the world which above all freedoms appreciates freedom from care about each other, from responsibility the friend the friend. And it only beginning. Would we like continuation?