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Physical punishment of children to beat or not.

Most of parents face a problem of physical punishment the child sooner or later. For one to use a belt quite naturally and does not cause problems with own conscience. For the majority this very heartrending experience, having punished the kid in a rage rush, we strongly regret subsequently for an event. If at present you are so upset that you cannot control yourself, then it is possible and punishment will be just revenge to the kid for offenses which to realize he not in forces. You learn to control yourself.

In exceptional cases corporal punishment happens rather effective, but it is possible to resort to a belt only in rare instances. Using corporal punishment it is necessary to follow certain rules:

At any punishment the child has to be confident, that this punishment is correct that the child is still adored, and let he was punished, it will never remain without maternal love.

At any punishment of kids they should not be deprived of satisfaction of their biological and physiological requirements.

the Kid has to be informed of for what offenses punishment and in what form will follow.

Punishment of children cannot be regular.

Carrying out punishment of children it is necessary to avoid insults and gluing of labels. Only the behavior or concrete offense of the kid, but not his personality is confronted.

At punishment of the child is excluded a remembering of former offenses, you explain to the child what he is punished right now for. In case the child does not understand what he was punished for, first you will not reach desirable effect, secondly the child can just become isolated. There is nothing more terribly than to lose contact with the kid

Punishment of the child has to be strictly consecutive, but not occasionally.

Anyway process very difficult also demands education of children from adults of sincere love to the kid. You love on the present and forgive your baby.

Psychologists note that now physical punishment of the child practices in needy and dysfunctional families. There is it a social problem which the state and active part of our society has to pay attention on. And to beat or there is no everyone solves for himself. But before striking the child buttocks, wonder - whether the kid of it from you, the most expensive and native to him waits for the person.