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Over the past few years, the number of the network companies in our country increased repeatedly. People of the most different professions, one at will came to Network marketing - to grow rich, others - necessarily to support a family. And, naturally, the majority of newly appeared businessmen have no professional skills which are necessary for work in this sphere.


- ability to contact,

- ability to communicate,

- ability to train,

- ability to use tools for sponsoring,

- ability to work on system,

- ability to sell.

as a result, at offices and institutions plates appeared:

We ask not to disturb Sales agents .

I there is no wonder: newly-baked distributors are similar to an elephant in a crockery bench. They cannot understand in any way that suddenly do not become professionals. And, working nonprofessionally, - we ruin the business on a root.

sponsoring Process, as well as sale process, is process of the convincing communication, process of purposeful communication.

When the speech about sponsoring, about a rendezvous comes, or about sale, there is a picture reminding an exchange of volleys between the fighting ships at once: the distributor shoots the reasons according to which it is necessary to buy a product or to sign the contract, and invited shoots back a volley of objections and arguments against it.

And the prize in this war - at all does not conduct to partnership.

Why it occurs? For many reasons. And, first of all the distributor has no skills of communication, skills of purposeful communication, is not able to use in the work necessary tools for sponsoring and to work on system.

But the main Trouble is that there are more than a half of the acting distributors, also do not want to study it!


A wants to succeed! Also there is a wish to succeed quicker! You want to succeed quicker?

I Will open for you one secret - to succeed it will not turn out quicker!

Not in speed business!

In network marketing go to offset: specific actions, your vital philosophy, skills of communication, and aspiration it is constant to study new. Obsessions to sign or sell, by all means literally cripple many people and lead to degradation of the personality. And from - for lack of necessary skills, is used anything - flattery, arrangements, tricks, deception and even bribery of potential distributors. By these methods you will not construct serious business.

For this reason, it is difficult to overestimate importance of a vocational education of distributors.

One, well trained distributor, costs hundreds of untrained.

And the leader`s task - to organize system of training.

Without though some, systems of training - it is impossible to lift even the smallest organization. Seminars, schools, events of the company, the presentation are tools which provide the distributor with basic knowledge. Specialized trainings - do of distributors - professionals.


Continuous process of training - a milestone on the way to success!

It is known that two options of the relation to the future are: You look forward cautiously or look forward with an anticipation.

How you think how many people look forward cautiously?

Correctly, majority. They the life combat every day in a fighting zone of an economic survival. It is not surprising that most of people constantly are in a condition of silent despair.

But you - that know, that if YOU had necessary skills and enough motivation, that you could make improbable things.

In the world the set of ways, ways and teachers to achieve success exists. But if you do not become the rich, then you will not listen to them, will not spend time for the training.

depends On you whether you will begin to look for opportunities, to be trained and work, or you will continue to complain of the destiny.

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