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Maiden grapes. For what it is necessary on the seasonal dacha?

When arise requirement to decorate a blank wall of a country house or a concrete fence, to hide unattractive construction in a garden, to shade an arbor, to issue a pergola or an arch, the choice steadily falls on this remarkable liana with beautiful palchato - difficult leaves - an ornamental plant maiden grapes.

Really, grapes maiden pyatilistochkovy (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) - a plant universal. Entered into park culture in the XVII century, it still plays a noticeable role in landscaping. And it is not casual - at maiden grapes a set of advantages. Let`s list the main.

In - the first, this plant is not afraid of frosts, is undemanding to the soil, well grows not only on the sun, but also in the shaded places. In - the second, it is practically not ill, in its foliage garden wreckers are not brought. In - the third, it is worth to remember about decorative properties of maiden grapes. In the fall the arbor twisted with this liana with the leaves painted in it is red - purple tone, and with small clusters it is black - blue berries looks perfectly.

How to grow up maiden grapes? We answer - quite simply. The plant does not bring special trouble upon owners of a garden site. The main tool for care of it - sharp secateurs.

Maiden grapes grow, as well as it befits a liana, very quickly. The year gain at it reaches 2 - 3 meters and more. Therefore it is better to begin to form a plant in the first year after landing, otherwise maiden grapes will expand and will turn into a shapeless shock of green color.

Young escapes of a plant in process of growth should be fixed on a support, previously directing them to the necessary party. The escapes seeking grow not there we delete at once. Over time the garter of branches to a support becomes not necessary. Maiden grapes have short moustaches with expanded and branched tips like suckers thanks to which it can be fixed on rough steep walls, evenly covering their surface.

After skeletal branches are created, owners should carry out only sanitary cutting, deleting the weak and damaged escapes and the zagushchenny branches containing growth. Cutting should be done in a plant dormant period. Each escape should be cut off separately, doing a cut by secateurs over a healthy kidney.

If it is required to decorate a big surface (one plant is in a short space of time quite capable to cover to 15 sq.m) or the high support, maiden grapes can be provided to itself - let grows as to it will take in head. Do not forget to delete only the weak, zagushchenny or damaged escapes. If it is planned to close small constructions in a garden, then growth of a plant should be limited.

Can happen so that the pyatilistochkovy maiden grapes left without control took too untidy look and turned into a shock of the confused branches and lashes. In this case it is necessary to create anew a liana skeleton - to truncate a plant on the required height and to cut out all crossed and zagushchenny branches. At the same time it is necessary to be ready to the fact that the sleeping kidneys will give new strong escapes.

Maiden grapes - an ideal plant for dressing of country constructions. However be attentive and do not allow its violent uncontrolled growth. If in time to cut off excess branches of a plant and not to allow it to expand excessively, then maiden grapes will be constantly pleasing to the eye of owners the decorative well-groomed look.