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Information technologies in business of

Information technologies at the enterprises it is not luxury, but objective need today. Informatization of all spheres of business leads to more effective and dynamic development of society, business, economic and financial spheres in general. One of fixed assets for management and data acquisition, is accounting. Its analysis allows to develop, prove, improve the methodological principles of creation of system of the account. In the modern world of the enterprise strongly compete among themselves, and the one who has at any time an opportunity to show production with the most great demand, goods the making this production and volume necessary for its further acquisition and production wins. The effective solution of the questions which are taken up above, at the huge volume of data, is not possible without use of the automated computer systems, namely automation of accounting and, the entering in accounting, management accounting.

At introduction of the automated computer systems at the enterprises exist information computer systems (IS), systems the intended for the account, storage and any sales of production, and also management accounting. IS are necessary for automation of implementation of the financial account.

of the Program intended for management accounting are business the tool while systems of accounting are necessary for drawing up the reporting. The greatest effect is reached in case of a full extensive computerization of accounting of the enterprise in general, and it includes also automation of such modules as the management, tax and financial accounting.

the Ultimate goal of full automation of the account is a creation of information base. The received base will help the end user to make administrative decisions, to choose necessary strategy based on the analysis of economic activity using various indicators and at last achievements of high competitiveness of the enterprise.

every day, in the conditions of development of business and production, value of application of the last achievements in the field of information technologies increases. Now everything to a bowl huge number of paper documents are replaced with more acceptable and universal remedies of creation, processing and storage of the necessary data. Introduction of the newest information technologies opens big prospects for simplification, dynamic development and effective work of staff of the enterprise.