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How to avoid kidalova on the Internet?

the Market of electronic currency expanded in the RuNet with an unimaginable speed. It also is clear. Convenience of payments without leaving the house or even without rising from - for a table - huge advantage before traditional payment methods. Though what I tell? Payment through electronic payment service providers - it is already very traditional for Internet users.

You also perfectly know that with any other matters so many frauds and swindles were not carried out, as with money. Thefts, currency exchanges, loans, the credits - the list can be continued very long. Whether it is necessary to speak about that, as the electronic currency did not stand aside.

Trustfulness - our scourge!

statistically, among electronic payment service providers the most widespread type of fraud is based on simple human trust. About trustfulness of the Slavic people many legends and jokes, but the fact remains are put: we are glad to trust practically everything that to us is promised. I not for nothing used the word are glad . When we feel that lie to us or try to deceive, the pleasure any usually is not felt, and to here admire respectability of the client or seller, so it we easily. And still to friends then we will brag what obliging honest people to us met.

So, my friends if you constantly or periodically work with electronic currency, then the safety issue of your money more than is actual for you. Absolutely no matter, the seller you or the freelancer, you have the business in the Network or you just the frequenter the Internet - shops, does not matter! All come across equally:

Ordered goods, made payment - neither goods, nor money;

services of the freelancer Got - or work is performed poor, or, what is even worse, neither him, nor your blood;


Daily in the RuNet there pass millions of transactions, each of which can potentially be roguish fraud in your address. Agree? It is unlikely there will be a reader who will not agree. So to what I tell all this?

Is the decision!

Were, at last, on Network open spaces enthusiasts who decided to help you and to give to swindlers competent repulse. Within several months the project on support of transactions with electronic currency was developed. SafeDeal. ru is a personal service of safe monetary operations on the Internet. Thanks to it you can in no time of

directly on the website

to sign the contract which will have



force with any seller, either the buyer, or the client


Administrators of service will undertake check of personal information of your partner in the transaction and guarantee successful carrying out operation. I will note presence of arbitration where you will be able always to submit the appeal.

Support practically all types of transactions in the Network:

- purchase / sale of books, articles and other materials in the Network;

- frilansersky transactions (a guarantee of payment and the performed work);

- purchase / sale of advertizing and advertizing campaigns;

- consulting transactions;

- purchase / sale of game characters, game things;

- and other financial operations.

In the first month of work of service in the test mode more than 50 transactions are carried out already! Thus, more than 100 people already ensured to the monetary operations full safety! You still doubt? You hurry to be registered on service of safe transactions. After the first successfully carried out transaction during which you will not worry about its safety at all, doubt it is once and for all abandoned you. you do not trust

- check!

Expecting skeptical views: From where supposedly these noble sirs who from something there suddenly decided to help us undertook? I will answer directly. For the valuable work creators of the project ask you to share the scanty commission of only 3% of the made transaction. I will tell in confidence that there will be both discounts constants to clients, and the partner program which will allow you to make operations without the commission and even to earn by means of the SafeDeal service. ru.

Personally I prefer that my money always was in safety! And you?