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How to make masks and creams the hands?

Crisis by crisis, but the prices grow in cosmetic shops with cosmic speed now. At the same time the choice develops extremely rather poor - to support domestic producer and, having risked health, to take an inexpensive tube of the moisturizing cream or to choose the rejuvenating mask with the indecent price, having overpaid for the known brand.

Meanwhile, our grandmothers and mothers excellently looked after skin and without oil jojoba with coenzymes, so than we it is worse? Self-made masks and creams are available to each hostess, and advantage of them, perhaps, it is even more, than from store.

In the middle of the 18th century in England all women using cosmetics were considered as sorcerers.

For a start needs to acquire several important rules:

- it is necessary to apply cream or a mask only on the cleared skin;

- needs to put them on a face the easy movements, without rubbing;

- needs to prepare cosmetics directly before use, it is impossible to store it;

- time of action of face packs - 15 - 20 minutes;

- needs to apply them 2 - 3 times a week.

Is important to remember that those vegetables or fruit which at the use in food cause in you an allergy cannot be used also in the cosmetic purposes also.

is the best of all to put masks after a bath or a steam sauna for the person.

In Russia the fashion on hobby for natural masks was entered by Catherine the Great who rubbed apple puree in a face and area of a decollete in the mornings.

Food and moistening for fat skin

1. Mix protein of egg, a teaspoon of honey and a half of a teaspoon of olive oil to a uniform consistence. Then add oatmeal (it is possible to grind oat flakes in the coffee maker) before receiving uniform gruel.

the Mask perfectly restores skin.

2. Peel tomato of a thin skin, knead a fork before receiving homogeneous mass, and apply the received mix for 25 minutes.

Tomatoes nourish skin, filling it with useful minerals.

3. Weld half-cups of peas (peas have to be fresh, tinned will not approach) to a soft state, pound and add 2 teaspoons of cream. This mask smoothes

and refreshes skin, gives it dullness.

4. Mix a honey teaspoon, a starch spoon, a spoon of warm milk and a half of a spoon of small salt. You apply the received mix with a wadded tampon and you hold within 25 minutes. Wash away at first the warm water and then cold. the Mask smoothes

and clarifies skin a little, narrows pores.

Food and moistening for dry skin

1. Mix a tablespoon of small cut fennel with a teaspoon of olive oil and add oatmeal (it is possible to grind oat flakes in the coffee maker) before receiving uniform dense mix. Such mask refreshes with

skin and smoothes wrinkles.

2. Peel average apple of a peel and grains, cut on segments and you boil within 3 minutes together with a half of a glass of milk. Then mash apple a tolkushka, let`s mix cool down and apply on skin.

Apple will fill skin with useful substances, and milk will soften it.

3. Mix an egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey and a half of a teaspoon of juice of grapefruit.

Grapefruit will refresh skin, and honey will make it more gentle.

4. Heat 2 tablespoons of sunflower or corn oil together with a tablespoon of cream. Let`s mix cool down and put with a wadded tampon for 10 minutes.

Such mask is recommended at very dry skin inclined to a peeling.

Food and moistening for sensitive skin

1. Fill in a tablespoon of oat flakes with three tablespoons of warm milk or cream. Wait until flakes inflate, and put the received mix on a face and a neck. the Mask not only will moisten with

skin, but also will clear it.

2. Clean and grate small carrot on a small grater, then mix with egg white, add a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of starch.

Carrots is very rich with vitamin A which softens and rejuvenates skin.

3. Clear a ripe peach of a thin skin, cut segments and knead to uniform gruel, then add a tablespoon of strong made camomile broth (dried mix can be bought in a drugstore).

the Peach will moisten skin and will fill it with useful substances.

4. Clear a small chunk of fresh pumpkin of a peel, cut segments and you cook to a soft state (20 - 25 minutes). Then mash pumpkin a fork or a tolkushka and add olive oil to the received mix in the ratio 2:1. Such mask not only moistens with

skin, but also perfectly removes hypostases.

the Rejuvenating effect

1. Clear apricots of a thin skin, knead a fork before receiving homogeneous mass and add sour milk that the received mix reminded sour cream.

Apricots nourish the inflamed skin therefore such mask accelerates exchange processes in skin and causes cell renewal.

2. For dry or normal skin - rub a vegetable marrow and wring out the received pulp. Then mix a juice teaspoon with the pounded yolk and apply on skin.

For fat skin - mix polished pulp of a vegetable marrow with a tablespoon of steamed porridge, you hold on skin of 15 minutes and wash away not boiled milk.

of the Mask from vegetable marrows stimulate exchange processes in skin therefore are recommended for the prevention of wrinkles.

3. Mix raspberry juice (100 gr) and add two tablespoons of powdered milk. To hold on skin it is no more than 15 minutes.

of Malines reduces greasiness of skin, pulls together a time and aging detains.

4. Mash a fork banana and add a milk teaspoon, carefully mix and you apply on skin. the Banana mask perfectly nourishes

and tightens skin. Works very effectively, the result can be seen already in a few minutes.

Bleaching of skin

1. Mix three teaspoons of cottage cheese with a honey teaspoon, shake up to a creamy state and put on a face. Wash away the tampons moistened in cold water.

the Mask possesses not only the bleaching effect but also smoothing narrows pores.

2. Cucumber masks can be done also of polished pulp, and from a skin - just put gruel or a peel on a face. The pulp can be mixed with a honey teaspoon.

This mask are recommended for the withering or tired skin with enlarged pores.

3. Take an average pear and, having cleared it of a peel, rub on a small grater. Mix with olive oil in a proportion 2:1, put a mask on a face and leave for 15 minutes.

contain In a pear tannins which perfectly bleach skin, clear it and humidify.

4. Mix a tablespoon of small chopped parsley leaves with a honey tablespoon, apply the turned-out mix for 45 minutes, then wash away.

the Mask also helps to cope with freckles and pigmentary spots.


1. Mix a yolk of one egg, a spoon of vegetable or olive oil and a spoon of honey, apply on skin of hands and leave for 25 minutes. After that wash away. the Mask perfectly humidifies

and nourishes skin of hands.

2. Rub on a small grater one - two crude potatoes and mix this weight with warm milk. Ship hands in the turned-out mix and take before full cooling, then carefully wash away.

Velvety and gentle skin will become an excellent award for patience.

Care of a body

1. Mix a cup of powdered milk, a cup of starch and a cup of coarse flour, lay the turned-out mix in dense matter and tie in hard knot. Use as a usual bast further.

will soften Milk and will bleach skin, starch will pull together a time, and bran will remove the coarsened particles from skin.

2. Mix a cup of small table salt with a cup of baking soda and a half of a cup of cream or kefir. Apply with the easy massing movements on a body, then wash away water.

Effect - the same, as from a srub and the moisturizing cream.