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How to choose a platform for the blog? A paid hosting of

In the first part of article we considered concept of a platform for the blog and found out that there are two ways of creation of the blog. We already sorted the first way (how to create the blog on free the blog - service). Let`s consider the second way.

How to create the blog on a paid hosting?

At first for your blog should choose

free cursor it is called still by CMS (it is possible to order, of course, it from programmers, but it is additional expenses, and we consider options with the minimum losses). Then it is necessary to pick up an inexpensive qualitative hosting on which we will register the chosen domain name and to place the blog. It is the first and most important step in creation of the blog on a paid hosting.

Here as can seem at first sight, everything is difficult. I assure you that it just seems so, actually to understand with this way of creation and blogging any PC user with initial knowledge of the Internet can. And that who nevertheless will have difficulties during creation of the blog I think, will be able to find the solution of problems with the help of my following articles which will be devoted to this subject. Besides there are hosting companies which offer special tariff plans for blogs with already established CMS.

the Most popular CMS for blogs, their merits and demerits

of WordPress - the most popular CMS, and not only in Russia where about 70% of blogs, but also in the world fall to its share. The secret of its popularity consists both in simplicity of installation, and in usability. The system has a huge number beautiful free the fact that will allow you to issue the blog on the taste and it is favorable to differ from other bloggers. WordPress is suitable both for beginners, and for skilled bloggers. Its main advantage is what on the basis of this CMS can be realized anything, beginning from the personal diary and finishing the organization of big community. The website of support of the Russian WordPress - ru.

Movable Type is most powerful CMS for creation of the blog hosting site. Has no great popularity in Russia, unlike Europe and America where it deserved respect of 15% of bloggers. Possesses a wide range of opportunities already on start, equally suits both to beginners, and professionals. Movable Type - the ideal choice for those who want to create a portal of blogs. The blog on MT - ru.

Drupal - very convenient system for creation the Internet - communities. Found the admirers among a small circle of skilled bloggers, thanks to ample opportunities on control. Russian-language community Drupal on the website - drupal. ru.

The listed CMS are one of the most popular in Russia, I suggest to make by that who wants to get acquainted with other control systems of the website it independently. Here some of them:

- ExpressionEngine;

- b2evolution;

- 2z project;

- Joomla;

- Mephisto.

Pluses and minuses of placement of the blog on a paid hosting:


High functionality . Functionality of the blog with use of such CMS is almost boundless, entirely depends on your desire and professionalism.

Help of developers . Presence of developers who create new both is improved by old plug-ins and are always ready to come to the rescue of less skilled blogger. You can get a practical advice from them absolutely free of charge.

A wide choice of subjects for the blog . You can independently choose and for several seconds to establish any subject (design) for your blog, and to choose, as a rule, is from what. And, if you have at least the minimum knowledge in the field of design and html - impositions, you can change practically to unrecognizability the design chosen by you.

Free the blog - a platform
. The platform for the blog is absolutely free. You only need to download its last version from the website of developers and to place on a hosting.

Reliability and stability . As a hosting paid, the administration of a hosting undertakes to ensure stable functioning of your blog, nobody will be able to refuse to you its use and the more so to disconnect you. An exception make unless violation of the rules of use of a resource, for example a vykladyvaniye on the website of materials of pornographic contents.

Existence of own domain name . You receive full freedom in the choice of a domain name which will belong to you and at will can correspond to the direction of your activity.

Lack of censorship . Use of the blog on a paid hosting grants to you the right to publish any material which was pleasant to you as you are a full owner of the blog, but not someone another.

Placement of own advertizing . On pages of the blog you publish that advertizing material which, in your opinion, will bring the maximum benefit to you and your visitors!

Gravity and solvency . It is, perhaps, the most important plus. Blogging on a paid hosting gives you a certain weight in a blogosphere and shows gravity of your intentions.


Independent updating of the blog . The developers respecting themselves updates for the platform periodically release. It is desirable to use these updates as they increase stability and increase functionality of your blog. If you do not know how to make it, then take the help or a professional advice better. Though recently on many platforms there was an opportunity to carry out updating of a cursor pressing of one button.

A reliable hosting - paid service . Registration of a domain name and service of a hosting paid. But any serious business demands financial injections.

the Conclusion

So, we considered options of creation of the blog. What, proceeding from it, it is possible to draw conclusions? The blog on free the blog - service will suit, first of all, those who look for communication, certainly, bigger, than on such portals as Schoolmates or VKontakte. You receive communication as a part of this or that community which you will join or you will create around yourself, or use the blog as the personal diary to share with its help the thoughts and reasonings with other bloggers.

Of course, it is possible to use such blog for untwisting of the name, the blog - services are ideal for this purpose. But in case you feel in yourself forces and desire to be engaged in serious business on the blog, you will meet sooner or later unsoluble difficulties which finally will lead you to thought of creation of the blog on a paid hosting.

If you plan to use the blog for creation and business, let not at once, in the long term (as anyway you need time for involvement of target visitors for the blog), it is simpler to dig out the blog on a paid hosting at once, than then to think and guess how to transfer it and, the main thing how to force to pass the visitors to other URL where your new blog will be placed.

I do not want to decline you neither in that, nor in other party, everyone chooses the road. Personally I always place the blogs and the websites on paid hostings because only in this case I can be really sure that they belong to me. Good luck to you!