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How to work with acquaintances in MLM

Still yesterday MLM - to cheeks was necessary to run for acquaintances and friends to sponsor a two-three of people. The world changed, now find us, sponsoring turned into selection process where we ask a question: Whether to Begin to me business with this person or not? . Whether it means that we should not work with acquaintances more? I think, no.

They say that if you want to spoil to yourself birthday, then invite to it the network sales manager. In my opinion, very right remark. At me there are a lot of acquaintances and friends from the world of MLM, and some of them, are so fixated on sales, search of candidates and sponsoring that use for this purpose any opportunity and the platform. Silly.

And is even sillier - most to work in the same way. Today, I would like to share with you the experience with acquaintances in the modern, changed conditions of our life.

Rule 1

of Any violence. Remember the true intentions. For example, for me: It is better to Make life of people . Notice, there it is not told: To Sponsor at any cost!

Love cannot be ordered. People cannot be changed. Of course, it is possible to overpersuade, the truth I pound from it a little as overpersuaded people, usually leave business also quickly, as well as came. They have no desire, there is no true motivation.

Therefore rule 1: the desire cannot be engendered violence. Reject all thoughts of dragging the acquaintance on the 2nd hour presentation or a rendezvous then to get him phone calls.

The rule 2

What then to do, the doctor?

Use tools. Our acquaintances know us as mechanics and teachers, engineers and accountants, they do not know us as businessmen, especially businessmen of MLM.

But they neutrally treat tools. Personally I give the business card with reference to the website on which my acquaintances have an opportunity to complete a free course where it is told them about how they can develop business with the help the Internet and a little about MLM.

In these lessons my acquaintances gain real knowledge and real advantage, and do not receive advertizing of my main business. I do not tell them about the company, products and bright future which waits for it with our President!

By the way, it is possible to transfer books in which disks the main thing that there was no word about your company, only, real advantage for your acquaintances and friends is told about business and opportunities of development of business .

Ya I learn the rule 3 about whether it is interesting to my acquaintance to develop business very simply. I do not even call him, I just see, he subscribed for a course or not, bought the advanced version of a course or so far not.

If did not subscribe - means to it not interestingly!

If subscribed, but did not buy the advanced version - means to it interestingly, but it is not ready to work yet!

If subscribed and bought the advanced version - means it is possible with it and to talk about the main business!

What to do with the last situation clearly. And here with the first two I act simply I photograph

Ya and I shoot video! Everywhere where we would not be in our fascinating world of MLM. My life is eventful, meetings, trips and I photograph all this and I remove, and then I send a photo reports to the acquaintances.

Worked always

the Rule 4

Get the diary (blog) and you share what happens in your life to all subscribers through the articles.

Suggest the acquaintances to subscribe for your blog in which tell about what happens to you, about what you want, you impart experience at last there (without advertizing). Thereby you will support the picture of your interesting life, not only photos, but also stories.

The rule 5

you Share results. They come not at once, but when come, share them with the acquaintances. And, literally!

For example, it is possible to organize a lunch at which there will be no your sponsor or products of the company on a table, but on which you show the photo with the huge check from your company. Either a badge of new qualification, or keys from the new car which you also decided to wash.

It is possible to work with acquaintances and it is necessary, it is not necessary to run behind them, differently one fine day, you will not even be invited to someone`s birthday because will not want to spoil it.

But as a result accept for yourself three facts:

90% of your acquaintances will never begin to develop business with you (the reasons do not matter).

In the world hundreds of millions people who can begin to develop business with you are (borders and languages are erased).

For success in MLM to you needs to find only several tens people with desire who came to your business WITHOUT violence over their personality (well here to speak - fate - N - the beater is live, freedom to inhabitants of Africa).

you Impart thoughts and experience, succeed.

Heinrich Erdman