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How to sponsor on 5 distributors monthly

Once I was sure that to sponsor 5 distributors a year - it is normal, there is even a lot of. Once I considered that it is monthly impossible to sponsor from 3 to 7 new distributors. But the world changed, new tools appeared, I developed in myself new skills and recognized an inaccuracy of the old beliefs. to

It is obvious if at you it is impossible to sponsor from 3 to 7 new distributors, and then to qualitatively start them in business, then you should learn something new, to change.

Do not hide for statements that it is enough also 5 - 7 serious children in our business, that if to sponsor more, then they cannot be trained qualitatively.

All this in the past, everything changed. You will hardly refuse the future in which leaders of your group will be able to sponsor and train 5 - 7 distributors a month, and your organization will grow at the same time by leaps and bounds.

What to do? In what a key? There are five principles on which, in my opinion, high-quality and effective sponsoring has to be based.

The principle 1

Learn to use tools. Not you have to give information on your business, the company and services, and tools. Not you have to select and eliminate people, and tools.

I already also do not remember when I last time told someone about MLM or the company or services.

I answer questions, but most often a counter question: And you saw this video, record of training, the presentation? Then look .

The principle 2

Learn to use products frontend. What for an animal?

If you do not know, then I with pleasure use the first principle, I use the tool, come on my blog (you watch a source) and recognize in a special videocourse about frontend - products all.

Actually, with the help frontend - products I can spend for sponsoring of 10 - 15 hours in a month, with result in 5 - 7 new distributors for the same period. Getting at the same time profit, even in case at all I am able to sponsor nobody.

The principle 3

Learn to create a flow of people to tools, do not run for people, let them find you.

Where to find people? 90% of network sales managers ask this question. And sponsors at the same time most often only give spatial and confused answers.

People everywhere, learn to do business so that looked for you, but not you wandered about streets in search of people. How? The principle number one forces me to offer you the same tool.

The principle 4

do not fool about, stop spending money for search of distributors, earn from it.


Itself was shocked when learned about it for the first time.

In 1997 and many years I spent money for leaflets and announcements in newspapers. In 2007 on announcements on the Internet. Spent from $50 to $200 a month. Now I earn.

How? Yes same products frontend.

The principle 5

Develop your most important tool, yourself. Become the attractive personality.

it was necessary to become the attractive personality Earlier, carrying out effective rendezvous. Now it is not necessary to tell about the company, the industry and services.

The professionalism should be proved actions. For example, having provided to the children and girls of knowledge and tools by means of which they will be able to sponsor 5 - 7 new distributors.

May you train the distributors to sponsor so many people in a month? Well, here when you will be able, then you will become VERY valuable personality.

And the Success will be guaranteed to you!

Heinrich Erdman