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How to write article?

Using only several effective methods of writing articles, you can turn for several days into the person whom begin to read and even to quote. Basic rule: give 5 minutes to creation of the plan of article.

When to me was 7 years old, I thought that I will not learn to write in general, at me letters left too clumsy. In 20, thanks to the computer, letters became beautiful, but it turned out that in order that to write something, it was necessary to put in these letters also some sense. Now to me 33, and I had a certain understanding of how to put letters in words though as it seems to me, the main progress in this direction at me still ahead (can, sometime and without mistakes I will learn to write).

And still over the last 10 years I got invaluable experience in several magazines where I worked side by side from the highest level professionals stateyny affairs . Therefore I decided to share with you several methods of harmonious writing articles which you will be able to put into practice directly today. the Step 1

Determine by

the purpose of article and by all means write down it as you without fail need to specify to the reader the purpose. Well, for example, the purpose of this article - to help readers of mine Schools of Life to learn to write the articles is more effective.

By the way, there is a good question: What for? . Here everything is simple, already more than 15 years I conform to one rule: Become useful to people, give, and then you in reply will receive in tens times more . And you know, works the Step 2

State to

article purpose in heading, reveal her in the preface to article and at the very beginning of article. Even three times? Well less though it is better not to save on a statement of the purpose, of course, is possible.

Look at the name of this article, then at the prolog and, at last, at the second paragraph. All this about the material purpose. Such reception allows the reader to understand whether he should spend the time for studying of this material and to make the decision - to read up up to the end, al do not. Make to the reader well, and it to you still will return more than once.

the Step 3

Create the plan of article including from 5 to 7 blocks. Well, for example, in this article I broke material into 5 blocks (steps for descriptive reasons), add the preface and a kontsovochka with conclusions - we receive 7 blocks.

Bigger it is not necessary for blogger articles, it is less too. Here the plan of my article which I roughed out in 5 minutes before I began to fill each of blocks with material though at the initial stage more time can be required by you:

Name: How to write article.

Preface: Shortly how I learned to write.

Block 1: Define the purpose.

Block 2: Specify the purpose in the name, the preface and in one of the first paragraphs.

Block 3: Make the plan of article.

Block 4: Add a humour pinch.

Block 5: Fill blocks with thoughts, stories or recommendations.

Conclusions: Sum up the result.

the Step 4

Joke. I do not joke. Well, is not present, of course, I joke, but not now. Joke in the first paragraph. Let plainly, let it will not be pleasant to someone, but joke. This simple reception will help to reduce a distance between you and the reader. Quite perhaps the reader will tell: Wow and same real person!

For an example pay attention to my first paragraph filled with self-irony.

the Step 5

Fill in the made plan with material. I do not think that this moment should be complicated, you have some thoughts, stories and recommendations. The main thing, do not fall before simple copying - it is necessary for nobody. Life will back throw to you the same, only in bigger volume and in other forms.

At the end surely re-read what you wrote, correct, insert the signature and surely spread. Be afraid of nobody and do not hesitate.

In my opinion, words is an energy, as well as all the rest in our life so as well as where to direct this energy, the total result depends. You can have a car of the correct thoughts, but also it is the best of all to systematize it and in the correct form to give out to the reader.

You impart thoughts and experience, succeed.