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How to marry the foreigner not to the detriment of itself?

At registration of marriage of the spouse, certainly, can take measures securing the property in case of divorce. In the absence of the contract between spouses, the property acquired in marriage will share equally. Spouses can choose for themselves contractual the mode of property of spouses, having secured themselves thereby against possible receivership proceeding in the future and having saved the time and money for lawsuits.

However any contract, unfortunately, is not a guarantee, especially in family life. And any insurance company in the world does not sell an insurance from unfortunate marriage and from unfair behavior of one of spouses in marriage.

The marriage contract in Russia governs only the property relations of spouses. The provisions of the contract regulating something except property questions are insignificant. At registration of marriage with the foreigner it is necessary to consider specifics of his country and to proceed from this in what country spouses intend to live. Marrying

inostrayets, spouses have to consider that the social environment in which they grew up very different. Different parents, education, education; different languages, different belief, culture, traditions. Besides, the Internet by means of which often there are acquaintances do not promote deep understanding of each other. We live in a century of high technologies and cosmic speeds. Therefore everything occurs very quickly: sympathy, love, marriage... The moment of recognition is removed on the distance, minor shot. As a result, the overwhelming number of international marriages comes to an end with stains in the first year of marriage.

Why there are wars between spouses and why dirty methods are used? - the answer I think is obvious - money. Many consider that money rules the world, and such concepts as decency, mutual responsibility, nobility, are simply not familiar to much. Money is the cornerstone of the majority of family disputes. On the second place I would put offense. The revenge, offense, trampled chuvtsvo own advantage can move the person and force it to make acts even to the detriment of the interests. In my opinion, exactly these reasons generate generate judicial wars. When there is no offenses there is also no monetary background, people leave peacefully and can even remain friends.

I should work with people from around the world, and by the nature of the work to draw the conclusions for foreign vessels and to communicate with foreign lawyers. I would tell that it is more of general than various. Details differ, fundamental questions a little in what differ. For example. Practically in any country it is possible to dissolve a marriage. The mechanism, conditions, the reasons differs . For example, in Great Britain divorce is possible after five years of separate accommodation or because of one of spouses. In the USA in each staff the family law. For example, in the state New - York divorce is possible after one year of separate accommodation of spouses or besides, because of the husband or the wife. The possibility of an appeal to the court with the claim for divorce assumes in the majority of the countries of the world continuous accommodation in its territory during a certain term - from 3kh months till one year.

In Russia procedure of divorce is simpler and more convenient, than in the majority of the countries of the world . Any citizen of Russia, even living abroad, has an opportunity to dissolve a marriage in Russia. It creates not only certain conveniences to Russians, but also is a subject of abuses of the rights many unfair citizens.

Really, the child in many families becomes a subject of manipulation and blackmail. Let`s take a family: the father - the American, mother - the Russian. The family breaks up. The father is afraid that mother will take away his child to herself, for example, to Voronezh, and he will never see it. Mother in turn is afraid that the husband will close her with the child departure from America, and the court will leave the child to it because of his bigger solvency. And each of them has enough reasons to be afraid. People can live in such fear in common many years. We have the mass of examples when Russian court leaves the child to mother, and French (either American, or Australian) - the father. It seems to me that the states have to develop uniform kontseptsy, come to the general and recognized as all participants to arrangements which will help fairly, for the benefit of children and each of parents, to resolve lawsuits. Russia, in my opinion, too needs to show an initiative in this direction, and will join the available conventions and the international agreements on children.

If in a family there is a child, then at divorce suffers first of all the weakest suffer - mother and the child.

But very often our Russian girls enter marriages with foreigners not for the purpose of creation of a family and the child`s birth at all. Very often moves our girls exclusively mercenary motive - to take as much as possible from the foreign husband and to give it in exchange as little as possible. In my practice there are enough examples when after short marriage the wife demanded lifelong monetary compensation from the spouse for the lost youth, the section of property to which creation it has no relation - palaces, locks, galleries... A floor - kingdoms for minute happiness. Our many girls estimate themselves - without the bases, sufficient on that, - quite so. In such affairs - in my opinion - men need protection.

The girl from Russia, marrying the foreigner, it is necessary to speak, first of all, with the potential husband on odnoya language. Knowledge of language - the base for successful residence in other country. to It needs to be understood that she waits from this marriage and that she is ready to give in exchange. It is necessary to study character of the spouse, to get acquainted with his family, to get acquainted with customs and culture of the country in which she wants to live. In my opinion, marriage is not that place where it is necessary to hurry, and marriage with the foreigner - especially.

It is worth addressing the lawyer, it will relieve of a set of problems. Even the moment and a place of registration of marriage has values. For example, registration of the visa of the wife in the USA borrows time 3 times bigger, than registration of the visa of the bride. Without address to the lawyer people make a set of mistakes. Rasprostranny delusion is that registration of marriage in the third country can simplify immigration procedures. About prospects of receiving a look on a residence and nationality many have, at best, very superficial impression. Very few people know that registration of marriage with the owner of residence permit, that is with the resident, but not the citizen of the country, does not give the grounds for fast obtaining the migratory status by his spouse or the spouse. The mass of nuances even at a marriage registration stage. The parties of the family relations have to understand what waits for them and to take, whenever possible, measures avoiding those problems which it is possible to avoid. For example, to zakolyuchit the marriage contract. The understanding of a possible problem can relieve of the problem. Therefore participation of the competent lawyer in your destiny, in my opinion, is necessary.