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We live stereotypes - what to do?

the Value of social influence on the person cannot be denied, by means of interaction with society, each personality develops, and this system of bilateral interaction is necessary. However one of errors of this system are stereotypes (the certain generalized beliefs) which in the head the person are presented by the steady scheme of perception of interaction in society. It is about social stereotypes. On the one hand stereotypes allow the person without excess efforts, entirely, as if a uniform complex to perceive the situations which are found in life since stereotypes comprise the standardized collective experience which inspires in the person a simple general formula of any phenomenon. It helps it to be guided with life and definitely directs his behavior. Such stereotypic perception occurs automatically, for example, social collective belief elderly it is necessary to respect automatically is accepted by consciousness, and the person does not display on shelves why it is necessary to respect elderly as they should be respected, it is simple in the head there is a steady scheme of concept. In it plus a social stereotype, we should not analyze the mass of various information, otherwise everyone would wallow in chaos of all details of any phenomenon.

On the other hand, social stereotypes, distort perception of reality when the situation or object are considered from the point of view of mass representations, without the facts, a modern assessment and an individual approach when what is collective belief (known and accepted in society), is perceived as good and what is not accepted - is perceived as bad . It turns out that if the young man approaches under a social stereotype youth - a time of romanticism and naivety then with it everything is all right, everything as it is necessary. And if he is suddenly an adequate realist? Then something is obvious with it not so. Thus, by means of social stereotypes people not only hang labels but also estimate correctly - it is wrong in such cases it is possible to hear phrases nobody so does or all so live .

We go further, besides social stereotypes which affect the area of intergroup interactions, it is possible to allocate gender (various on a floor) stereotypes - the schematical and emotionally painted steady images of men and women simplified. These are mass beliefs how real men and women behave. According to data of researches in this area, gender stereotypes regulate behavior of the person at the unconscious level, i.e. each person has a set of the simplified schemes of behavior which developed under the influence of culture, education, assimilation of social norms. These stereotypes are acquired by children involuntarily in the course of communication with parents, peers, and also through purposeful education and training. The child is born man`s or female, but only as a result of education becomes the Man or the Woman, learns to correlate the behavior to a certain set of requirements imposed on the man or the woman. Thereby process of entry of the person into system of cultural standards of behavior is carried out. And one of its central elements is assimilation of gender stereotypes, i.e. visual, emotional and morally - ethical images of the man and woman. It, undoubtedly, plus existence of such stereotypes.

But any medal has a reverse side. According to references, the gender stereotype is a look and an assessment which are, as a rule, based on gender prejudices, but not on rational knowledge. Moreover, the majority of such stereotypes were created in traditional patriarchal culture which assigned a leading role in various vital spheres (social, economic, political) to the man. From here such stereotypes as the woman - weak and ailing the woman has to be a housewife men are the best heads the man - has to possess the power .

Now these stereotypes did not lose the force, but on the relations the man - the woman, in my opinion, stereotypes " more influence; collective experience when lines which he is obliged to possess only from - for the belonging to a certain group are attributed to the specific person. For example, when the man is going to meet friends, often reaction of the woman following: of course, there with women you will have a good time it anything else, as stereotype. At this moment, the woman does not perceive the man as she of the, does not estimate it as the personality, does not consider a situation as a special case with participation of particular persons. At this moment the stereotype " works; all men, fool around . And how individual qualities of the personality?

Other example when the man shows the feelings to the woman only by means of gifts, at the same time does not consider it necessary to talk, listen, understand, show care, tenderness, caress. He considers that gold - diamonds or an animal skin - all this that it is necessary for the woman. At the same time any conflict in a family, it also solves by means of material things. Thus, each ring, a bracelet or underwear, are it forgive, it was not right or I love you . Cultural wealth so depreciates that sooner or later, the self-sufficient adequate woman will be tired of lack of warm-heartedness in the relations and the unresolved conflicts which, despite gifts, leave a deposit inside. And all because the man is under the power of a stereotype women need only money . In this situation, the man does not perceive the woman as identity, does not see its quality, requirement, desire. It tries on on it others image, behaves according to illusory perception and demands compliance of this illusion from the woman.

Examples of influence of stereotypes on our life can be given infinitely. One remains the fact, it is impossible to call stereotypes unambiguously bad or good, a lot of things everything that we " depends on the person; we absorb from society, we pass through ourselves and we make the choice I, as everything, at me, as at others or I, as I, at me in own way . Agree to treat strange the loved one as to someone foreign and to build the relations, not as you would construct them, and it agrees alien to collective experience .

Listening to those who passed the life periods, similar to yours, do not forget that you are you, and at you everything cannot be identical to Klava and Vasya`s situation from the second entrance. You - not it, and your man not her Vasya. It is important to be true to and always to remain the person. Then with stereotypes it is possible to live.