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Who is better as the examiner artificial intelligence or the person?

Examination. Everyone faced it in the life and and not once. Someone strenuously studied and examinations were for it just a sign of the termination of a semester or a quarter, and for someone it was the most serious test with stresses, fear and slyoza. All of us observed those who unfairly were lucky to appear in favourites of teachers and those who were not lucky (also unfairly). For anybody not a secret that estimates at examinations were placed not always proceeding from knowledge, there were cases when they were put proceeding from the personal relation of the examiner to examined. Unless has to be quite so?

I have a remarkable friend with whom we studied together 16 years. I always admired his knowledge of historical disciplines and I continue to admire still. There is no question which it could not answer though something standing, but once it received an unsatisfactory grade in history only for the fact that the teacher did not accept his nationality. Subsequently of course the question was reconsidered, the assessment is changed, and the teacher is dismissed, but there were enough unpleasant impressions for the rest of life.

I do not doubt that now school students and students also often come up against similar situations. Parents go to swear, have legal proceedings, someone just is silent, but the problem remains. It would be time to undertake the head and to try to change somehow it. At the moment in other countries already thought of this question, so why are silent in Russia?

Now the educational system of Great Britain makes huge jump in the direction of automation due to introduction of artificial intelligence. The Pearson company developed the car for the automated check of written works. Tests of this artificial intelligence already are well under way. At first the system will be tested with the assistance of entrants of the British higher education institutions, it will check examination in English. Also several large Indian companies use the newest system of artificial intelligence for carrying out tests of literacy at the workers.

At once interests the fact that the system is used for check of written language, but not printing (of course it can check also the printing speech and tests with ticks, but it is already not so actual). According to representatives of the Pearson company this artificial intellectual system is capable to understand sense of texts just as people.

Advantages of this car before the person - the examiner of course are obvious. First of all it is noted that the car is capable to work many times quicker than the person, without making also a half of those mistakes which were made by the person, working with the usual speed. But the most important that the artificial intelligence will estimate work as the most objective image, it does not consider external data examined, its religious accessory, related communications, the car only the made work will interest. Also it much more precisely and more reliably than the person.

Some skilled examiners claim that the system has essential shortcomings. They consider that the artificial intelligence can give a mark much below that which examined it deserves. Here their nervousness partly can be explained with the fact that if the artificial intelligence holds exam, then they will lose part of the paid work, though underestimation from the car is quite possible.

Replacement of the person by artificial intellectual system (naturally, only if there is such opportunity) will allow to increase productivity and to reduce work cost. The result of work of system of artificial intelligence does not depend on mood, a state of health and other factors inherent in the person. There was also a wish for it, but at the moment cars show the best results, working together with the person, but not instead of him. There are some things which only the person is capable to understand and, most likely, the car will never be able to understand.