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About what the Spanish fan is silent?

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N. MULLER, artist.

The progenitress of the human race, Eve, after knowledge of fruits from a tree of the Good and evil, began to hesitate of the nakedness in the Eden garden and having seen Adam, quickly broke a leaf of a palm tree and hid behind it.

Since then the fan became some kind of last barrier in the relations of the woman and man and turned into a graceful toy, into the tool of flirtation and the thought-over ladies` coquetry.

the Church at the time of inquisition saw a devil essence in a fan - she considered that the honest person has no need to hide the face, and the fan was written down in attributes of witches who whispered the spells and damnations, being covered with it.

It is possible therefore in the XVII-XVIII centuries, for court ladies it was strictly forbidden to open a fan in the presence of the king and the queen.

Such peculiar fan language there were many centuries. Now a fan escape from a heat. And it is not a magnificent knickknack, and the most real " conditioner;.

In 1911 in Moscow there was a collection of rules of a good form in which several pages are devoted to art of possession of a fan: Good form. The collection governed, manuals and councils, to behave properly in different cases of house and public life made on the best Russians and foreign sources of A. Komilfo .

Emotional background:

- Arrangement, sympathy, love - to give to the person a fan the top end.

- Contempt - to give a fan the handle forward.

- Doubt - the closed fan.

- Denial - closed.

- Modesty, uncertainty - the fan opened less than on a quarter.

- Approval - the revealing fan.

- Unconditional comprehensive love - completely opened fan.

- Nervousness from news - sharp fast waves.

- Expectation - pat by slightly opened fan on the opened palm.

- Indecision - prikryvany halves of the face and eyes the fan opened on a third.

- Coquetry - the covered chin and part of a cheek with a simultaneous ducking and a smile.

- Encouragement - the slowed-down waving the fan opened on S (encouragement, I am ready, I wait - the slowed-down waving the fan opened on?)

- Gratitude - the revealing fan with a simultaneous ducking.

- Impossibility - the fan semi-opened, lowered down.

Color value:

- White - innocence;

- Black with white - the committed breach of peace;

- Black - grief;

- Pink with blue - love and fidelity;

- Red - pleasure, happiness;

- Embroidered with gold - wealth;

- Yellow - refusal;

- Shity silver - modesty;

- Green - hope;

- Cleaned by spangles - the hardness and trust.

- Blue - constancy, fidelity;

- Brown - nondurable happiness;

Exact phrase information:

- Yes - to put a fan the left hand to the right cheek.

- Is not present - to put an open fan the right hand to the left cheek.

- I love you - the right hand to point by the closed fan to heart.

- I do not love you - to make the closed fan the movement.

- My thoughts always with you - to half open a fan and it is several times easy to carry out by it on a forehead.

- I to you do not feel a love - to open and close a fan, holding it before a mouth.

- I will come - holding a fan the left side before that with whom there is a conversation, to press a fan to a breast and then to wave quickly towards the interlocutor.

- I will not come - to take the left side of an open fan before that with whom there is a conversation.

- You do not come " today; - to carry out by the closed fan on the outer side of a hand.

- You Come, I will be happy - holding an open fan in the right hand, to slowly put it in a palm of the left hand

- Be careful, watch us - an open fan to touch the left ear.

- You are silent, we are overheard - to touch the closed fan lips.

- I want to dance with you - to wave an open fan several times to itself.

- You afflicted me - to quickly close a fan and to hold it between the put hands.

- Follow me - pat on a leg sideways.

- I am ready to follow you - pat on a leg in front.

- Depart, give way! - the put fan directed to the man.

- Clean up away!! - sharp gesture by the put fan a handle forward.


In our century, a fan it is not necessary any more neither for a coquetry, nor for flirtation. All call by the names. The secret, a riddle which was given by a fan to the woman disappeared.

But the desire to be attractive and unique remained. Probably therefore, each woman, having visited Spain takes away multi-colored, bright fans for memory. Let they will bring good luck!