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Through thorns to top of

One of axioms in life is that the income sizes practically never exceed a level of development of the personality .

the Level of the income of people is defined by their value for the market which concept is the main lesson in economy which is not taught in one educational institution. Institutes learn to sell the time for money, carrying out others purposes, but not own, learn to operate finance of the enterprises, but not the personal. Therefore to achieve financial success, it is necessary to study success at those who reached it, it is necessary to study independently stories of such people as in educational institutions biographies of the famous people who often the rich were not are considered.

If to take all money of the world and to divide them all equally between people, then soon they besides will appear in the same pockets in which were " before;.

Without competent management of money and without understanding what person it is necessary to be and what to become, money will be lost instead of bringing in the additional income. People are the main reason for prosperity or failures in their life, ignoring, this fact they justify the insolvency.

What person you became for previous year, gorado is more important, than how many you for the same year earned .

After words of the most famous millionaire that some concrete book became the beginning of his successful career, from thousand audience will read it units. Quite often people who with pride speak of scale of the electronic library in which of one thousand books they did not read any meet. And all leaders are good pupils , and knowledge is that way which can lead to dreams and the purposes.

In former times the wealth was measured by the number of the earth, gold, oil, cars. Today the wealth is measured by information - its quantity, volume, speed with which we receive it and we acquire .

In a century of information technologies of knowledge of financial success become more available. The stiffened state in our fast-changing world cannot be reached. Liouba who succeeds today, can stop in the development, lag behind and appear there from where began many years ago. At regular investments into themselves - an investment of time and means in the education (trainings, books, videos) prospect is the unlimited potential of people and their financial freedom.