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What can learn from Robert Byorns?

When on January 25, 1759 in a family William and Agnes Broun Byornsov was born the firstborn, his father dropped avariciously: Long ago it is time! . 37 - the summer man it is simple to understand pleasure - fellows villager already began to glance at him slantwise. Though Robert, probably, preferred to be born a little later, eventually, the care of his three younger brothers and three little sisters laid down, eventually, and on him. And it besides that the family lived not in luxury at all. There was an honest farmer my father. It had no prosperity - the poet will write later.

However, starshenkiya became peculiar " ground; for ambitious William, he tried to stuff with Robert`s knowledge as Christmas goose, the boy since the childhood read the Bible, the English Avgustiansky poets and Shakespeare. And therefore decided to encourage itself during hard farmer work by the composition of cheerful songs. His brother Gilbert who was born one year later became the first listener of Robert. The spiritual bond between them will remain for the rest of life. By the way, Gilbert later, with replenishment in a family, always tried to give as far as possible to future genius a free hand, having undertaken a duty to wipe up noses younger. From here the first lesson - the genius always has to have a support, the grateful listener!

In 1765 the father leased a farm of Maunt Olifant, and Robert worked as the adult worker, underate and overstrained heart. But rare free minutes read all what was sprained under a hand. Despite extreme need, the father sent two eldest sons to school where they heard only the English speech, but from mother and old servants and from the same brochures joined language of the Scottish ballads, songs and fairy tales.

And when in 1777 Byornsa moved to Tarbolton, the beauty spot between the rivers Doon and Earvin having legendary history, Robert already composed verses quite tolerably. And with a heat began to describe both this ancient earth, and people who on it work. There is one more lesson which can be taken out from Byorns`s life - to begin to write all is necessary - about what surrounds you. The probability that you will be understood - from it only increases.

It found in Tarboltona to itself(himself) the company to liking and became in it the leader soon. In 1780 Byorns and his friends organized cheerful Club of bachelors . A bit later, in 1783, Robert began to write down the youthful verses and fairly grandiloquent prose in a notebook. Communication with the servant Elisabeth Peyton led to birth of his daughter on May 22, 1785. Local clergymen whom it already wore out criticism took an opportunity and imposed on Byorns a penance for a bludodeystvo, however it did not prevent laymen to laugh, reading going in the " lists; Sacred fair and Prayer hypocrites Vili . Here to you one more lesson - the laughter and only laughter helps out people even in the most difficult moments, and they are always ready to pay in love to those who is able to make laugh them!

At the beginning of 1784 Byorns opened for himself R. Fergusson`s poetry and understood that the Scottish language not the barbarous and dying-off dialect as it British want, and is capable to transfer any poetic shade - from salty satire to lyrical delights. It developed Fergusson`s traditions, especially in a genre of the aphoristic epigram and gained some popularity as the author of bright friendly messages, drama monologues and satires.

A year later Byorns fell in love with Jean, the daughter of the mokhlinsky contractor J. Armor. Byorns gave out to it written obligation - the document by the Scottish right certifying the actual, though illegal marriage. However Byorns had so bad reputation that Armor tore obligation in April, 1786 also refused to take the poet in sons-in-law. Capricious Robert promised to emigrate to Jamaica.

But instead went to Edinburgh where it was warmly accepted by those sectors of society which put all Scottish above all. During a winter season Byorns was in great demand in secular society. It was patronized Caledonian hunters members of influential club for the elite; at meeting of Great Masonic lodge of Scotland it was proclaimed Bard of Caledonia . And on April 21, 1787 there was an Edinburgh edition of Poems which brought together about three thousand subscribers. Here one more lesson - before going to the foreign land, wonder: Whether And I made all in the homeland ? Whom would be Byorns in Jamaica? We never learn about it

Robert the victor came back to Mokhlin on July 8, 1787. Half a year of glory did not make it conceited, however changed the attitude towards him in the village. Armora welcomed it, and it renewed the relations with Jean. But the Edinburgh servant Peggy Cameron who gave birth to the child from Byorns filed a lawsuit against it, and it went to Edinburgh again. Having managed to send at the same time in interesting situation Gene who for it was driven out from a family. It was necessary to marry officially.

But glory of the rake and female spoiled child and was assigned to Byorns for life.

Probably, each poet dreams of that he had a muse. But when muses are changed as gloves - it is not good. Perhaps, this raspyl also served that Robert lived not so much - he died on July 21, 1796 from rheumatism. But it was for the rest of the natural sure that happiness several minutes bring to us - little girls!

From here a final stroke - in the history there live the verses devoted to the great Lady longer. So French in something are right, exclaiming: Shershe la Fam! . Byorns confirmed it with all the destiny.