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The personalized fairy tale: why it is so important for the child?

The Fairy tale - lie and in it a hint

From generation to generation our ancestors passed on the experience through fairy tales, telling which, seniors imparted to the children and grandsons such merits as kindness, courage, courage, responsiveness, unselfishness, commitment

In all fairy tales already initially put a certain lesson which is presented to the kid in the form of magic history. But small children not always understand it at once, first of all history and magic adventures is interesting to them. Over time the child will surely draw the correct conclusions from the read fairy tale.

Fairy tales exist already several thousands of years, they, as well as all the rest, evolve too, change, develop. For example, some time ago I incidentally learned that except usual fairy tales today there are also personalized fairy tales which are written especially for the specific child.

Speaking about the personalized fairy tales, it would be desirable to specify that they differ from usual in the fact that in the fairy tale the main character is the not invented character, and the real child. The child understands that the tale of it, seeing that the main character is allocated with the same personal qualities and traits of character, as it. The main character lives in the same city, the same its environment, as in its reality. Together with it all his relatives take part in fairy tales: the father, mother, the sister, the brother, the grandmother, the grandfather, friends etc. of

In fairy tales the main character faces the same fears, alarms, crisis situations, as the child in real life. In fairy tales he overcomes all obstacles, copes with all difficulties, wins against children`s fears and nightmares, uncertainty in himself, shows love to parents and respectful respect for grandmothers and grandfathers, makes feats. The child, understanding that his hero very courageous, strong and kind, begins to imitate it and in reality , he in every way aspires to corresponding to in the fairy tale.

The personalized fairy tale can become parents the irreplaceable assistant if they read it to the kid for the purpose of not simple it to entertain, and to help it to understand itself. Big plus of the personalized fairy tale also is that it can be composed, having touched in it on the most important issue of the kid. And in the fairy tale to prompt to the child as it can be solved.

It is very important to child to hear inspiring words, to him it is very important that believe in him and that from it wait for unusual, great causes. Having matured, he can experience failures and failures. But, having remembered fairy tales which in the childhood to it were read (where the girl - the princess of a ball, and the boy - the winner of dragons and pirates) in which he heard such words: You will win! You are the strongest, courageous and brave! , he will perceive any difficulties not as barriers, and as growth steps! It is possible to explain it with the fact that, reading fairy tales, parents programmed subconsciousness of the child on the fact that he - the best! And it it will become valid the best - in art, policy, science or in any other field of activity.

To bring up the successful and healthy person, grandiloquent phrases and long morals are not so necessary. Reading to the child the personalized fairy tales, parents can form in him merits. And in this case the child listens to mother and the father with the great pleasure, and sometimes even several days in a row ask to read him the same fairy tale. This results from the fact that he wants to see himself the hero, knows that he with everything will consult in the fairy tale. Besides after reading of the fairy tale the child, having analysed a situation, understands that the vykhodvsegda is, and it is very important!