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How successfully to hand over session?

Session. This terrible event is an integral part of dolce student`s vita. But as practice shows if you not the round idiot, and really want to gain the treasured diploma, for you there is nothing impossible. The main thing not to panic and to correctly distribute the forces and time.

Of course, it is supposed that couple of days before examination you not just cram the abstract, but you repeat what had to be postponed in the head for last semester. However many these days begin to tear the hair and instead of having a rest before delivery, grind away at the studies together with own elbows. But even in such situation at the correct approach everything can well come to an end.

In almost desperate situation of many rescue consultations before examinations. On them you can ask questions about all studied subjects, still not late.

One of the most important rules for the student during preparation - to liquidate everything that can distract (to disconnect the Internet, the mobile phone, the computer or the TV) and to concentrate completely on study.

As for various edible stimulators, many advise not to fill a stomach to the full during reading material. That is it is the best of all to refuse for a while greasy food, having replaced it with yogurts, cookies, fresh vegetables and fruit.

There is a number of student`s signs, but if you did not even make an attempt something to learn, the five-copeck coin under a heel will hardly help you.

We will address opinion of experts. The most burning questions of preparation and examination were answered by the psychologist Yury Levchenko.

- Many students during session panic. How to adjust itself on the necessary harmony?

Before examinations the set of seemingly unpromising cases leans. First of all, it is necessary to begin with small. To define the purposes, to place them on degree of importance and to begin with small, easily feasible tasks.

- How it is correct to distribute forces by preparation for examination? What to do if remained to time very little, and it is necessary to learn much?

In such situation can try to study once again the most remembered subjects and at examination to focus attention of professor on these questions.

- That is in the course of examination it is necessary to transfer the answer to other course?

Yes, to pass to that question which you know best of all. But it is necessary to teach them by the principle of a nested doll. Very often happens so that students begin to learn with small (examine the smallest nested doll in big) and then nothing is impossible. It is necessary to begin with the largest nested doll. That is from the general to pass to private: knowing something the general on a subject, it is easier to tell about a trifle, even about that about which you not really well know.

- It is better to come into audience among the first or the last?

the Last to go worst of all. For two reasons. The first - itself you will fuse. Some students count that the teacher was tired and will adjust all. It is a mistake, to the last will get more. With the last students, or there is not enough time, or something else, and the teacher treats them more superficially, speaks all right, next time you will hand over .

- How to gain the examiner?

First of all, it is necessary to adapt to it, to gain trust that the interlocutor treated you kindly. It is important not to irritate and not to cause discontent of the teacher, and on the contrary, to achieve from it goodwill. And in lives, those people to whom are located, we also estimate above.

- If one examination is already passed, and ahead some more whether It should be noted violently successful delivery, or better at once again steep in study?

needs to Relax. But to relax not in degree, and in time. It is necessary not to spend forces in vain, but also not to enter itself into slackness because during examinations it is important to support adrenalinic cocktail in blood.