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What is MOTIVATION? (Part 2) of

Each of us, in certain moments of life, appears before the choice. And from what will be this choice, the current of our life depends. And as it often happens, not so - that is simple to make this choice.

To the right you will go - you will not find some Horse-radish ,

you will go On the left - you will find Horse-radish ,

you will Directly go - He will find you ,

Will remain to stand - Will die the beggar!

Everything depends on that - whether enough at you the reasons, for this purpose to change the life?

I from that, - WHAT, specifically, you want to change in the life?

What main motive or the main reason, which influences your actions?

- For someone it is a lack of money or desire to earn more, than now;

- For someone this desire to solve problems with health, the or the relatives;

- To Someone bothered to depend on a whim of the administration or on unexpectedness (nurseries) of our government;

- Someone likes to travel, and it would be desirable to do it more often than time in a five-years period;

- Someone lacks communication with interesting people, perhaps, someone would like to learn it;

- Someone concerns future their children, and it would be desirable already today, to make though something for its providing;

- Someone dreams of an outstanding career in business, it is possible also in the international Business;

- Someone wants to see himself in an environment of wealthy, successful people;

- It can be only one small desire to have more free time in order that it is more often to spend this time with the family, children, or to do favorite thing.

It can be all one, the only reason to lift the lazy bum from a sofa. can be their

a little. Important only the fact that you and only you will make this choice.


You can also do nothing, and then in your life nothing will change.

the HOUSE - Work. Work - the HOUSE

the Ottoman. Slippers. TV.

Heart attack. Stroke. Impotence.

Pay. Beer. Prostatitis.

Obesity. Dullness. Sediment.

And the most interesting that this decision will be too correct because it will be yours.

And you are always right!? Isn`t it?

Focus that:

Refusal of decision-making does not lead to anything, all of you equally in the decision already made - to leave EVERYTHING as before.

Here only to me it is thought that if you accepted your yesterday`s situation, hardly you would come to Network Marketing today.

Truly? And if you came to this business, then probably, on it there was a good reason!

And the reason defines the answer to a question - WHY? And results are defined by the answer to a question - WHAT FOR?

WHY and WHY you came to Network Marketing?

The answer to this question - will define ALL your actions further!

The answer to THIS question, will lead you to the answer to a question - HOW to do this business?

You have enough MOTIVATION???

of the Summary:

Before beginning to do something, determine the true reason of Why and Why you need It!!!
Always should remembering

I that:

If you do not motivate quietly yourself to move to the purpose, there will always be motivator on your bum because the head of them already is, and yours to them - without need .

S. Azimov

is a Trainer of Lifestyle