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How to get rid of furuncles?

the Furuncle are the acute purulent inflammation of a hair sack and surrounding connecting fabric caused mainly by golden staphylococcus.

As, the rule, furuncles, or as speak on - simple, chir can appear practically on any part of a body (on a stomach, a face, legs, buttocks, a neck, hips, a forearm, a back, the back of hands, i.e. the smooth surface which is not covered with indumentum), except feet, palms and fingers

pollution of skin (non-compliance with elementary rules of hygiene), microinjuries, bad living conditions, weak immune system (from - for existence of chronic diseases), the increased perspiration, the broken metabolism contribute To development of a disease.

How to define that you develop a furuncle?

it is rather heavy to b to distinguish a furuncle At the beginning from a usual heat-spot as the furuncle begins to develop from a small painful inflammatory heat-spot of red color. For 3 - 4 day the heat-spot becomes more and more, is more and more painful and in its center the abscess is formed, and on 5 - 7 - y days the furuncle is opened with release of pus and a core. Only after it the inflammation decreases, pain abates, and the furuncle begins to heal, however on the place of a furuncle there is a small hem (as a rule, does not pass).


In medicine is available also such concept as furunkulez - multiple defeats by furuncles which develop at the same time or consistently on various sites of skin. For the people suffering from a furunkulez appoint, as a rule, an autogemoterapiya, aloe extract injections, reception of beer yeast, in especially hard cases carry out for prevention an immunotherapy by a staphylococcal vaccine. All these measures are applied for the purpose of increase of resilience of an organism.


- personal hygiene;

- the prevention and timely processing of microinjuries on skin;

- maintenance of immune system (reception vitaminno - mineral complexes, physical exercises).

Treatment Is recommended not to carry out by

at emergence of furuncles self-treatment in house conditions and not to puncture independently a chirya at all. Generally treatment of furuncles includes antiseptic processing of skin and in special cases (so far as concerns a furunkuleza) reception of antibiotics (inside or intramuscularly).

At an initial stage it is necessary to process carefully leather around the furuncle of 70% alcohol, 2% of salicylic or 3% boric alcohol, and also iodine tincture. When the center of an inflammation was already opened and pus came out, it is possible to pass to use of ointments with various antiseptics (for example, Vishnevsky`s ointment).

After the furuncle heals, is recommended to process this struck place still some time an anti-septic tank in order to avoid recurrence.

A folk remedy

Good results are yielded by application of a lemon as antiseptic external means (lotion) and immunizing, applied inside in the form of broths and infusions. For example:

to Cut off a dried peel of one lemon cut off a knife, to crush, mix it from 20 - 25 g of the crushed yarrow grass. To fill in with a glass of warm water, to insist within 2 - 3 hours, to filter and take an hour more in the warm place. Accept

on 1 - 2 h l. 3 times a day before food within a week.

Other option:

to Mix a dried peel of one lemon from 3 h l. the crushed grass of a St. John`s Wort and 1 h l. a marjoram to fill in with two glasses of boiled water. To close a cover and to draw 2 h, then to filter. to Accept

on 3 h l. once a day within 2 weeks.

Health to you!