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What is MOTIVATION? (Part 1) of

Tahiti, Tahiti , we and here are not bad fed with

There is nothing more demoralizing, than the small, but stable income .
Edmund Wilson

Motivation - as is a lot of

in this sound This that piece which does so that people go to work rise in the mornings and shop. By means of motivation of people can do what he does not want to do But it is necessary.

the Motivation is that motor which twists a flywheel of human behavior.
Many people are able to motivate with

themselves, being trained it to do. For example, the majority is able to rise in the mornings independently, without external influence . But in many other cases it is necessary to put effort to them - magic pendal .

4 main reasons for absence of motivation:

1. Low self-assessment (with such silly woman as I, all the same any normal fool, will not start talking ).

2. Last unsuccessful experience, (two times did not turn out (a spoon to get into a mouth), for the third time not I will and try ).

3. Lack of the attractive purpose, (that seeded, ate, and the astonishment does not have the end ).

4. Absence Magic Pendal ! (Tahiti, Tahiti, and here not bad feed us ).

Needs an example of motivation? Please!

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