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The idea of business on garden site

Earth my wet nurse - this proverb is known long since. I suggest you to accept my experience of business which can be combined with work quietly. It is idea for those who have 6 hundred parts of the earth. Long analyzing that can be grown up at the dacha spending at the same time as little as possible efforts I paid attention to sweet cherry.

Pluses are visible at once, in - the first, this tree which it is necessary to look after much less, than behind plants, in - the second, productivity from the 4th summer tree it is possible to collect to 90 kg of Sweet cherry. This kind of activity does not take a lot of time, spring of a scrap of trees, fertilizers and all. For itself the tree will find the rest.

On 6 - ti hundred parts it is possible to place up to 20 trees, choose dwarfish grades of trees. The main productivity will be for 3 - 4 - it is special such investment where the profit will be, in 3 years. Special leaving is not required cutting that trees did not expand and did not shade each other. Top dressing only in the first year, and then only on spring.

Between trees it is possible to grow up shadows lyubivy greens. The best option it to have 30 - 40 hundred parts of the earth, it is possible to organize a cherry garden. The profit from such garden will reach 2 000 000 rubles a year.

I am engaged in this type of business and at the same time I work at private firm. At me is in property of 18 hundred parts of the earth, I just redeemed two giving from neighbors, fenced with the and organized pass a garden.

About the most pleasant, about profit of 18 hundred parts of a cherry garden brings me 750 000 rubles a year. I hand over a harvest on 50 rubles for kg. to dealers. So far volumes small it is necessary to work only with dealers to sell sweet cherry to Moscow at least 20 tons are necessary. At the organization of a garden in 30 - 50 hundred parts and due care of trees it is possible to reap also such crop and to hand over it to Moscow at the price of 100 - 120 rubles. It is absolutely other money.

How to look after trees you will find quietly in the Internet. I want to tell finally that in agriculture it is possible to earn decent money, the main thing the correct technology and the organization of work.