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At what age it is optimum to begin to learn English?

For some reason are considered that, the earlier the child will begin to learn a foreign language, the better. It concerns also the ambitious parents dreaming to make of the parents of child prodigies and to give them more knowledge for minimum short period, and the gymnasiums and lyceums pleasing to them ready to begin process of transformation of the child into the encyclopedia when necessary.

But whether there is an age, optimum to start learning of foreign language?

One parent will tell that children Bol are susceptible to any new information and therefore training in language should be begun in the childhood.

Another will tell that training in a foreign language should be begun when the child himself understands what language and for what he should study.

The third will tell that English can begin to be studied when necessary, would be where it to apply. Who is right

? Let`s try to understand together.

As for the first statement, the first half does not raise any doubts - the child is often compared to the sponge absorbing all new. And it is valid, it is simpler to children to learn to say the sounds other than their native speech, often they show such phenomenal ability to storing of words or expressions of which by the adult and it was not dreamed. But on it advantages of learning of foreign language since children`s age, perhaps, are settled.

Having placed the child in other language environment, it is possible easily to teach him to speak a foreign language, however it is necessary to remember that any knowledge is late in the head only until they are necessary while memory addresses them. So, having begun training in the childhood, it is necessary to support this knowledge in an active look all the time, that is all the time to use them, otherwise by the time of entering a higher education institution from a lexicon there can already be only most trivial phrases.

But, probably, this aspiration to begin training in language as soon as possible, is movable also by the myth that the foreign language cannot be learned quickly, for example in one year. To it we were taught and still learned at schools. And it is difficult to parents to imagine that there are more perfect and, the main thing, more intensive techniques of training allowing to master a foreign language in only 10 - 11 months.

And these, more perfect techniques of training, are more applicable when the person himself understands that he needs to learn a foreign language, and will stop the choice in that language which will seem to it more practical, interesting or perspective. So only after the child is defined itself, it will be possible to send him to language group on English at school or to a language course.

But at school - it is free, and on a language course - for money! - some will exclaim. What is true, is true, but whether always what we are given free of charge moreover and at the wrong time, is better than what we pay for, realizing what we want to achieve? If as an ultimate goal to consider ability to communicate in a foreign language, then the clear idea of result and desire to achieve it can make training by more effective, and also accelerate studying of English.

The same concerns also the third point of view. If to cease to believe that less than in 6 years you will not learn a foreign language and it is better to learn all ten it turns out, it is unimportant when to begin to learn language. Always, having come to courses, it is possible to learn to talk and understand in a year the speech in English. Often it is necessary to see people who learned English at school, however, having come to courses, learn more new, than in all ten years at school. But the most important if at school it seemed to them that English cannot be learned, then here after the first occupation becomes clear to them - there is nothing difficult, it is only necessary to attend classes and to carry out house occupations.

So, having asked a question of when it is better for child to begin to learn a foreign language, think and why it will be needs English and whether it is necessary? And at what age he will feel need for talking in English? If this age turns out not 6 and not 10 years of years, maybe, to him will be better to decide on when to begin to learn language? Today, thanks to effective techniques, can learn English in a year . And besides, occupations will be not penal servitude, but pleasure, and, maybe, will be able to change expectations from study and idea of future profession.

From 14 years you will be able already to begin to be engaged on English language courses as the second foreign in Applied Education. Having been defined that English - that language which is necessary to you, you can register in a free fact-finding lesson and look in what a secret of courses where study turns into pleasure, and in English it is possible to begin to speak after the first occupation. Come to us all family and learn English together with us!