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Whether there can be a lazy person of rich

This article of Robert Kiyosaki - one of the most successful investors ​ and businessmen in the world, the author of such best-sellers as Rich father, poor father If you want to be rich, do not go to " school; To Depart from affairs to Young people and the Rich and many others, the author business - the games CashFlow. In it it narrates the living position, about investment and business.

Robert Kiyosaki. Whether the lazy person can become rich

Allow me to be politically incorrect. Why? At least because the main reason, from - behind which many people cannot earn a lot of money, in my opinion, is covered in their laziness. I want to note at once that this my personal opinion, and I, unfortunately, cannot confirm it with any proofs. You can have a question from what suddenly I with you so opened the heart. Well, I will try to answer it.

When I studied in voyenno - sea academy, I never thought that colleagues think of me. If the officer whose rank was more senior than mine talked to me, it did not need to wrap words in a beautiful wrapper. He said only what considered it necessary because to it it was deep to spit on my feelings.

When I became an officer, during conversation with other officers tried to distract them from a basis of a subject of our conversation and, as they say, to sting more painfully, having released some causticity in their address. They, by the way, repaid to me in kind. Strong expressions we checked the internal durability of each other.

As you know, after return from the Vietnamese war, I worked some time in Xerox corporation, and then began own business. First very strongly shocked me what falseness, secret and obvious hostility, and also insidiousness and perfidy reign in modern business. Since then passed thirty years. During this time I learned much, and understood a lot of things, but I could not get used to the atmosphere of modern business.

For example, every time when I have to explain to the employees what they not so made, I carefully am at loss for words as for roughness they can file a lawsuit against me. I also am afraid to do compliments to nice women because they easily can write on me the application to the police for sexual harassment!

Despite all this, I am very glad that the situation gradually changes and our society begins to treat many things much more quietly, than earlier. In no small measure promotes it emergence on television of various realities - show and politically incorrect programs which hosts call things by their proper names and do not try to veil in any way the words.

All frank frankness which I hear on the TV recently inspires me to be even more honest with those who want to become the rich. Those people who read at least one my book, know how I earned the capital. They also know that I never wanted to work for the uncle, and always wanted to control all process of earnings of the money. In principle, everything that I conceived in youth, was carried out. Now I own several companies and agencies, and also I have business partners worldwide.

Other my hobby is the real estate, investments into which the best business on light that I not once could prove. Agree on what else investments any bank without excess delays will issue you the credit? What investments any insurance company will insure? What investments will be able to make for you up to 1000% of profit? In my opinion, the answer is obvious - it is real estate.

At last, I very much like to invest money in natural energy carriers and precious metals. To go bankrupt in such market, having the minimum knowledge of investment, in my opinion, it is impossible. And demand for natural energy carriers and precious metals will practically always exceed the offer. Not without reason from - for them bloody wars were from time immemorial waged.

Plus to all this investment into precious metals or natural energy carriers will reliably protect me from the illiterate American government of Bush during which board it was printed money more, than could print at all previous American presidents combined! Those who read my publication where I mentioned post-war Germany, probably, understood that I want to tell these.

Honesty break which happened in our society recently not only pleased me, but also allowed to use politically incorrect judgments in the publications. However in real life I meanwhile cannot be same politically incorrect as, for example, on the Internet which I, by the way, very much love for the fact that on it honesty is not suppressed or exposed to censorship and, on the contrary, it is very much appreciated.

If you regularly read my column on Yahoo Finance, so you seriously think of how to increase the capitals or to become rather rich. For this reason I have to be with you frank up to the end. Therefore, I am not afraid to offend by the statements losers as they do not read my column on Yahoo Finance. So now in the publications I will tell you not only about gas, oil and real estate, but also to periodically write that I actually think of how to become the rich in the modern world.

So, we will begin. As you remember, at the very beginning of article I wrote what lazy will never be able to become the rich. However many carry to idlers of those who idlers actually are not. For example, many people think that all bandits are idlers. In principle, in many respects it is the truth. But here, for example, the conquistadors who plundered Inca were the most real bandits and bandits, however they were never idlers. On the contrary, they had very big ambitions concerning the financial wellbeing.

For years of the activity I repeatedly met people who asked that God presented them as much as possible gold. I call such people weaklings. Why? Everything is simple. The sunday school taught me that God helps only those people who help themselves. Therefore, it will not help weaklings because they never had gold, and they never undertook attempts to receive it. For this reason it is possible to call conquistadors safely both bandits, and murderers, and bandits, but weaklings they never were as knew how to help themselves and asked nothing from God.

As for personally me, I was not born to the rich. In the books I openly wrote about the investment losses. At the same time I never hid the mistakes because they are nothing else as the vital lessons learned by me. And, as we know, when we study, we surely make mistakes, however, punish us for it only at school. In my opinion, exactly from - for it the most part of school teachers will never become millionaires.

Finally I will note, I do not urge you to become bandits or bandits what were conquistadors. I just want to tell that if you not the lazy weakling who only and does that asks a little gold from God then, most likely, to you is possible to earn so much gold for the life that to you never to be necessary to resort to theft.

Yours faithfully, Robert Kiyosaki