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From where is the match went?

are guilty Of the fires not matches, and people. Matches is a good.

Since the person learned to extract fire friction, the thought strongly sat down at his head how to improve and accelerate this process? And let there were many latest ways of receiving fire, all of them grew dim before for the first time the thought-up match. The idea of use of phosphorus for receiving fire belongs to Frenchman Derson who stated it in 1816, but only in 1833 - the m to the German inventor Johann Kammerer was succeeded not only to make the first matches, but also to put them on sale. White phosphorus - substance extremely poisonous and easily combustible became the main material for their production.

In 1840 - x years the Austrian professor Schroter discovered red, or amorphous phosphorus, and in 1848 - m German Betger made the matches which are not containing phosphorus in heads, but lit at friction about the surface incorporating that red phosphorus. These matches were recognized safe and as a result production of the first phosphoric matches at first everywhere was forbidden in Europe, and then and in Russia. At us the first match factory was open in 1837, in five years in the neighborhood of the capital 9 similar factories functioned already, and by 1914 production of matches in Russia reached a maximum and made more than 40 million conventional boxes. (each box contained 1000 boxes)

matches Familiar to each of us represent wooden sticks, usually aspen, from 36 to 48 mm long with the heads consisting of potassium chloride, glue and sulfur. Mix from red phosphorus, sulfide of antimony and bone glue is applied on a surface of a box.

Matches to children not a toy! approved propaganda posters. Lie. Perhaps, it is difficult to imagine more widespread and available toy, boxes of matches cost only 1 kopek. Various logical riddles which problem was the vykladyvaniye from matches of certain figures were the most harmless games with matches. Especially popular this occupation became after the next display of the television movie 17 moments of spring where Stierlitz, reflecting, displayed from matches on a table of a figure. The art direction in game with matches was expressed in pasting of lodges or even the whole locks from matches, and when the design bothered and became covered by a dust layer, it was burned.

Actually, matches were the most different. Boxes from an interline interval - an old design which sometimes were a little bigger size, than modern matches in cardboard boxes came across. " color; " sulfurs; on heads was a miscellaneous too: brown, green, red.

It should be noted that matches often became a collecting subject, and as matches - on color of heads, to the size, etc. and boxes which quite often were issued special series (the cities, animals, transport) for collectors.

But most often matches were used directly - burned. In the most sophisticated ways. " Rocket; - the match was put vertically by a head to to a chirkash (a rough lateral surface) also nestled a thumb, and by other hand on a match it was given shchelban, and it soared up into air, igniting in flight. More difficult system demanded four matches. Two of them were inserted into cracks of sliding part a box, the third was clamped between them, and the fourth set fire a head at the third. At successful assembly of this design, the third match departed.

The uncountable set of ceilings was speckled by spots from burned matches. The end of a match was moistened with saliva and soiled with whitewashing, then the match was set fire and thrown to a ceiling where, sticking, burned down and left a black spot. This focus was even immortalized in one of releases of a newsreel Jumble . Hottabych - the best-known number demanding existence whole a box of matches. One match set fire heads of all matches in a box for now they did not inflame, boxes was closed and thrown where - nibud, it hissed and reserved a smoke loop.

Except matches a set focuses it was carried out with chirkashy for example, if to burn it on a metal surface, there is a deposit which short time glows in the dark. From frequent use chirkash quickly wore out, but it could make replacement independently. The synthetic filter from a cigarette (paper just burned down) was set fire and melted on lateral part of a sole of a boot, and, for the present was in the melted state, was flattened out by lateral part a box. Now it was possible to light effectively matches, striking a head about a boot in that place where settled down self-made chirkash .

After an exit to movie " screens; Kean - a dza - a dza! matches began to call often KTs imitating heroes of the movie.

Especially It should be noted pyrotechnic products from match heads. Even without taking into account rattling mixes sulfurs with other components (magnesium, etc.) from only one heads it was possible to think up great variety of noisy entertainments. The simplest - four matches are put by a cross heads to the center, from above - a ball from the bearing with a diameter of 20 - 30 mm. At blow of a brick to a ball it is distributed WOMEN! .

More difficult system demanded existence of the expansion bolt shield and an asphalt covering in which the deepening under an expansion bolt shield head filled with sulfur was hollowed out. Then in deepening the expansion bolt shield was stuck, and by blow of a brick it was made next women . In the presence of a bicycle spoke, it was possible to make figurative women . The spoke was brought under, in one its end sulfur was fallen asleep with a nut and the nail which became attached a wire by other end of a spoke was inserted. The sound effect was caused by blow nailing about some firm subject.

If it was possible to find the glow lamp, it immediately broke, and from it the small glass tube soldered since one end was taken, it to the full jammed " sulfur; also shut up since other end a piece of a match. This design was established by the soldered end up and was wrapped in paper which was set fire, carrying out a match role. After a while sulfur in a tube flashed, and the tube flew up, like the small rocket.

The most patient filled sulfur from matches pieces of water pipes - several tens korobk of matches and a lot of time for this purpose were required, but the sound effect at explosion compensated this heavy work though, It should be noted that similar experiences were already hazardous to health.

You remember: Matches to children not a toy, buy lighters! ]